Gwinnett PD give tips on preventing phone call scams

Photo credit: Gwinnett County Police Department

(Lilburn, Ga., May 25, 2023) – The Gwinnett County Police Department wants to educate the public to reduce the number of victims of phone scams.

On May 12, an officer took a police report for a Lilburn man who was a phone scam victim. The man reported that he was contacted by an unknown person claiming to be an “Agent.” The “agent” told the victim that he worked for the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office and had a bench warrant for his arrest. The suspect then stated that the victim needed to pay $9,000 to clear the warrant off his record. The victim conducted a wire transfer of Bitcoin to the agent and lost all his cash. Case Number: 23-0036461.

The suspect continued to call the Lilburn man seeking additional money. In one of the phone calls, the suspect claimed he was Chief McClure (of the Gwinnett County Police Department). No additional wire transfers were made. 

To make the scam more believable, some scammers will program their phones so that the phone number of the Gwinnett Police Department or another agency shows up on the victim’s caller ID. In the case mentioned above, the phone number on the caller ID was for the Gwinnett County Police Department.

The Gwinnett County Police Department will never ask for payment over the phone.

Prevention Tips:

  • Be suspicious of anyone calling and demanding immediate payment, especially by cash, via FedEx, or other couriers, including:
    • cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin)
    • gift cards
    • prepaid debit card (such as Green Dot)
    • wire transfer
  • Ask for the caller’s identity and contact the agency independently. Do not call the number that appears on your caller ID.
  • Never disclose personal or financial information to unsolicited callers or by email.
  • Never wire money or provide bank account numbers or financial transaction card numbers (credit, debit, Green Dot, or any other prepaid card) to anyone you do not know.

If you believe you are the victim of a phone scam, please call the Gwinnett County Police Department to report the crime. Our non-emergency number is 770.513.5700. For more information, please visit: Phone Scam Warning

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