I got me a swimsuit….

By Mindy Maynard

My stumbling and crazy journey through weight loss, work, love and life

Last Saturday my sister called pretty early in the morning. I sat on the porch listening to the fastest talker this side of the Mississippi. Believe it or not, listening to her talk at the speed of light isn’t as stressful as it may sound. There have been times that the constant speed of her speaking has lulled me right to sleep. Just kidding, it’s the never ending list making she does that knocks me out. Anyway,  she mentions to me that she and her boyfriend are going to spend the day at the pool. I think to myself…hey that sounds nice and I have no plans so I quickly and very smoothly I might add, invite myself. It WORKS! We are going to spend the day laying out and soaking up the sun. Then I remember, I’ve lost 46lbs and my husband has lost 51. We don’t have swimsuits that fit. At this point we are on a mission. We have exactly 1 hour to get out the door and get to Wal-Mart to buy a suit. What I haven’t told you yet is that we are going to a pretty fancy neighborhood pool. The average income is, um, let’s just say really high. This isn’t the pool where Wal-Mart suits will be all the rage. That’s when the anxiety kicks in. OMG!!! I’m going to find a discount swimsuit in around 20 minutes and spend the day at the pool with the ladies who actually make time for the gym and eat well and spend more than $20 bucks on a suit. CRAP! CRAPPITY, CRAP!!

We rush through getting ready at the house and then pull up to get the suits. We make a plan in the car and head in. My husband is to go pick something for himself and I’m going straight to the ladies suits. What a freaking mess!! There are so many to choose from and I don’t even know what size I wear anymore. I decided that I would go with a 16-18 suit. That’s good for me since the last suit I bought was a 24W. I hit the dressing room with about 20 items to try on. I am raining sweat at this point. I put the first few on and it was not good. They fit but pulling a lycra swimsuit on over a sweaty body isn’t something I would recommend. The air in that dressing room was thick with frustration and desperation. It was also cold in the store and I was sweating from swimsuit anxiety so I think I was creating my own weather system. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, we have a tornado warning in ladies wear. Please watch the skies and take cover immediately. You should know that most of this occurred with my husband dutifully standing in ladies wear holding the suit that it took him 30 seconds to pick out. UGH! After the 12th suit I found one. It’s cute. It fits and the bottom to it doesn’t have a skirt. I consider this a victory.

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Mindy is a Walton County resident who is chronicling this journey in the hopes that it will help her as well as others who may be facing the same struggle.

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