Letter of Acknowledgement of injustice of Moore’s Ford lynching and temporary marker stating such to be introduced at Monroe City Council work session Tuesday

The last item on the agenda of tonight’s Monroe City Council work session is a rendering and Letter of Acknowledgement by Monroe Mayor John Howard of the tragic events that led to one of the last unsolved lynchings more than 75 years ago. Although the actual lynching took place at the Moore’s Ford Bridge on July 25, 1946 on the Walton/Oconee County line, the events that led up to the murder of George W. and Mae Murry Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Malcom began in the City of Monroe.

Rendering of a plaque acknowledging the lives that were lost on July 25, 1946 at Moore’s Ford Bridge

Mayor John Howard and the Monroe Diversity Advisory Board members, of which Howard and City Councilman David Dickinson are members, have been working on this plaque (rendering above) and the letter of acknowledgement for several months. The Monroe Diversity Advisory Board acts as an advisory to the Monroe City Council. In November 2020, Rashaad Ansley, a member of the Young Gamechangers and chair of the Diversity Advisory Board, requested this acknowledgement from Monroe as a step in pursuing healing and reconciliation in the community.

In the letter to be signed by Howard on behalf of the City, if approved, it notes, “The voices of minorities are often simply not as amplified as others due to a variety of challenges and traditions. It is vital to a community’s growth and vitality to have all parties working together to find a common ground for conversation and to set common priorities for policies, programs, and growth.”

The letter ends with the words, “As Monroe and Walton County have become thriving examples of progress, it is of
utmost importance that we continue to improve, striving to make this world a better place. Our future success depends on all of us – all races, all people, working together.”

If approved by the Monroe City Council on Sept. 14, the plaque will have a temporary place at Monroe City Hall until a fitting permanent place can be found for it.

The Monroe City Council work session will take place at 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, at Monroe City Hall, North Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend.

The full Agenda follows.

1.      Roll Call

2.      City Administrator Update

3.      Central Services Update


1.      Finance

a.      Monthly Finance Report

b.      Approval – 2022 Personal Health Assessment and Wellness Credits Tiered Program

2.      Airport

a.      Monthly Airport Report

3.      Public Works

a.      Monthly Solid Waste Report

b.      Discussion / Approval – Emergency Purchase Automated Side Loader Truck

c.       Monthly Streets & Transportation Report

4.      Utilities

a.      Monthly Electric & Telecom Report

b.      Monthly Water, Sewer, & Gas Report

c.       2022 CDBG Grant Administration Services Selection

d.      2022 CDBG Engineering Services Selection

5.      Public Safety 

a.      Monthly Fire Report

b.      Monthly Police Report

c.       Approval – Out of State Travel for Police

6.      Planning & Code

a.      Monthly Code Report

7.      Economic Development

a.      Monthly Economic Development Report

8.      Parks

a.      Monthly Parks Report

b.      Mathews Park Pavilion Bid Award


1.      Public Hearing – Purchase Sale Agreement for Liberty First Bank Property at 830 Highway 138    

2.      Public Hearing – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #11

3.      Preliminary Plat Review – 319 South Madison Avenue

4.      Approval – Chamber of Commerce Contract

5.      Appointment – Housing Authority

6.      Professional Services Selection for Monroe Historic Survey Update

7.      1st Reading – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #11

8.      Resolution – Adoption of Walton County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2020 – 2025

9.      Resolution – ARPA Funding

10.  Resolution – Georgia Cities Week, October 3 – 9, 2021 

11.  Resolution – Local Government Lighting Project Agreement

12.  Resolution – GEFA Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Application 

13.  Mayor’s Letter of Acknowledgement Regarding Moore’s Ford



1.      Real Estate Issue (s)

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