Letter to the Editor: Proposed location of the new Walton County Jail

My name is Kirsten Bagley, and I am an MSW student at UGA. I was extremely intrigued by the article “Opponents of Proposed Walton County Jail Location…”

As someone who grew up in the Walton county area, interned at A Child’s Voice Child Advocacy Center, and knows the community fairly well. I was upset to see that the jail is possibly moving to E Church St. This area is surrounded by a multitude of other buildings with vulnerable individuals inside such as children, college students, workers, etc. I am aware there are precautions in place to ensure no one ever escapes, but if anyone ever does there are many people in danger. Not to mention with the potential of housing 2,160 inmates in the eight dormitories, I personally feel it is not in the best interest of Monroe to move the jail to a more populated side of town.

I did notice that the lot has been approved by the Board of Commissioners, but I hope that there will be many different precautionary plans put in place for the surrounding businesses, homes, and schools, if they were to be in any danger due to the jail being very close to them.  


Kirsten Bagley,

Walton County

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