Letter to the Editor: Protect all historic monuments

I am disappointed with the leadership because they will not do the right thing and protect our Confederate monuments! Several of our leaders, when running for office, promised that the memorials to our gallant fallen dead would be protected. Then when they are elected they turn a blind eye and let our monuments be removed and say not a word!

The lion of the Confederacy was removed from Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. This statue was over the graves of our Confederate dead almost as a protector. For years Stone Mountain has been threatened with removal of the memorial carving on the side being removed. Why is OK for all of the MLK statues to pop up overnight but yet anything to do with the confederacy has to go?

You cannot white wash history. Even if you remove every statue and memorial to the Confederacy, guess what it still happened! I will be the first to admit slavery was an evil that existed in the United States that should have been addressed when the country was formed. But it wasn’t, which in itself was a tragedy, but guess what even though slavery was a reason for the War of The Rebellion it was not the main reason. The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn’t support. All of the Manufacturing and big business was in the North while all of the crops were in the South. The North was aggressive to the southern way of life and attacked the South and, in my opinion, slavery would have ended before the turn of the century anyway!

Leave our monuments intact and you keep your MLK statues and let us live in peaceful harmony!

George S Ellington

Loganville, GA

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