Loganville city manager retires his position as fire chief

Loganville City Manager Danny Roberts. Photo credit: Mylinder Knittel, Spring Street Studios

Loganville City Manager Danny Roberts announced at the end of Thursday’s City Council Meeting that he would be retiring his position as fire chief for the city, effective July 1, 2017. Since his appointment as assistant city manager last year, and subsequent appoint as city manger effective March 1 this year on the retirement of Bill Jones, Roberts has held dual roles as both city manager and fire chief. That, Roberts said, seems to have concerned some residents who believed he was also getting paid for both jobs.

“We’ve had a few calls to City Hall and to council members. Several people have asked council whether I am getting two salaries,” Roberts said. “I am the city manager, and still holding the title of fire chief, but I am not getting two salaries and two cars. If anyone has any questions, please call City Hall. As of today my salary is still just one salary.”

Assistant Loganville Fire Chief Carl Morrow. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

When he took over as city manager on March 1, Roberts’ salary went to $96,100 per year.

Roberts said also that he is going to be making a recommendation as to who he thinks should be appointed fire chief. As of Feb. 1 of this year, following his appointment as assistant fire chief at the recommendation of Roberts, Assistant Fire Chief Carl Morrow has effectively been running the Loganville Fire Department.

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