Loganville man charged in chokehold assault in Panama City beach

Photo credit: Panama City Beach Police Department

A Loganville man was arrested in Florida over the weekend for allegedly choking a man into unconsciousness in the parking area of a Pizza restaurant in Panama City Beach.

According to the Panama City Beach Police, Dustin Alexander McDowell, 33, of Loganville, Ga. is currently facing charges of aggravated battery and tampering with evidence in connection with the incident.

“On the evening of May 26, 2023, at approximately 18:54 hours, our officers responded to a reported incident in the parking area of Marco’s Pizza. Upon arrival, officers interacted with witnesses who described seeing a larger white male, identified as Mr. McDowell, assaulting a smaller white male,” Panama City Police reported in a press release. “According to the accounts given, Mr. McDowell was seen placing the victim in a rear choke hold, lifting him off the ground, and continuing this action until the victim lost consciousness. Once unconscious, Mr. McDowell allegedly threw the victim to the ground forcefully. The victim was taken immediately to a local hospital for treatment.”

McDowell was alleged to have left the scene in a white Ford truck with a temporary license place. The truck was later located in a neighborhood with the temporary license place removed. McDowell was subsequently located and brought in for questioning at which time he is alleged to have implicated himself in the incident. Panama City Police report that several videos of the incident and witnesses showed the sequence of events as described.

Witness statements were backed up by several videos of the incident, showing the sequence of events as described. It was reported that after the incident, Mr. McDowell left the scene in a white Ford truck with a temporary license plate.

The case in currently active and under investigation. If anyone has additional information on the event they are encouraged to reach out to the Panama City Police Department. via this link.

Editor’s Note: An arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

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