Loganville, Monroe earn place on Top 50 safest cities list

While Loganville has made it onto many Safest Cities lists, Monroe has been plague with making it onto just the opposite lists – that of Top 10 most dangerous cities. This has always been contested by Monroe city officials based on the lists being compiled from incorrect statistical data, but a new list recently published by Lendedu.com has both Loganville and Monroe making it onto a list of the Top 50 Georgia’s Safest Cities list. Loganville holds the proud place of No. 6, but Monroe also comes in at a not too shabby No. 37.

According to Lendedu.com, an independent marketplace for student loans, several factors went into making this determination using licensed data, including the total crime risk represented by the risk of rape, murder, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny and vehicle theft. It was compared to a national average of 100. Loganville had a difference compared to the national average of -79 percent and Monroe had a comparison of -50 percent. This calculation is explained as follows:

“If a city posted a total crime risk score of 200 it meant that place had twice the risk of crime compared to the national average. Or, a city that recorded a score of 50 had half the risk of crime compared to the national average. A lower crime risk score meant a safer community. The tables ranked the safest towns according to their difference from the national average crime risk score of 100. For example, if an incredibly safe community had a -98 difference from the national average, it meant that place had a crime risk score of two. Cities that made the top of their state’s list had the highest negative difference from the national average; a higher negative difference meant a lower crime risk score, which meant a safer town.”

Click or tap on this link for the Top 100 Safest Cities in Georgia, according to Lendedu.com

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