Loganville water to begin helium testing Monday

The City of Loganville Public Utilities Department begins conducting helium testing of its water lines beginning Monday, May 1.

The testing is planned for along Lee Byrd Road between Highway 78 and Highway 81 and may impact the adjacent roads of Bob Wood Drive, Zion Wood Road, Pebble Point Drive, Bay Creek Road and others as well as residences in The Mews. During the testing, water may appear cloudy for a short period of time, but the water is not hazardous to your health, officials note. Helium used in leak detection has “no effect on water quality or public health, is non-flammable, non-combustible, tasteless and odorless.” This system is used worldwide to help reduce water loss by identifying leaks without having to drain or depressurize water systems.

If your water remains cloudy after three days, you are asked to contact the City of Loganville Public Utilities Department at 770-466-0911.

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