Looking for eclipse glasses? You’re not alone

If you don’t yet have your eclipse glasses for Monday’s big event, you may be out of luck. It appears that if you’re still looking for glasses so you can watch the eclipse on Monday with the risk of damaging your eyes, you are not alone. There are many people finding that with the historic eclipse just four days away, they have left it too late.

With warnings of damage to your eyes, NASA gave a list of approved manufacturers, but as of Aug. 15, all but one of them was completely out of stock. American Paper Optics Eclipser was the only one with any eclipse glasses left and it required a minimum order of 25. The cost is $4 each so the minimum order would be at least $100, but this late in the game there’s no guarantee you will get a set in time.

The local schools do have glasses for the students, who are being kept in school the extra time to make it a learning experience, but anyone outside of the schools who doesn’t yet have their glasses may have a problem. According to all the posts going around on local social media, most places that had, such as the Monroe library, are now out.

Your best bet may be to join the traffic headed to the locations that expect to see a 100 percent eclipse in South Carolina where NASA has official viewing locations. They are reported to have eclipse glasses to hand out as do Georgia parks that are hosting events. But you may want to get an early start as the Georgia DOT has already warned about traffic delays. The NASA website also suggests welding googles of shade 12 or higher may do the trick.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office has put out a Facebook post asking for anybody who may know of a location that still has some, to share the information, but a lot of suggestions there are also being shut down by people who have tried and found out that those supplies too have run out.

If anyone knows of a legitimate local location that still has eclipse glasses available, please share the information on our Facebook page at the end of this post.


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