Monroe celebrates July Fourth with a fireworks display

If you went downtown Monroe the night of July 4, you would have found it pretty quiet – that is until you crossed Broad Street and headed to the west side of the city. It was packed. Anywhere a car could be parked, a picnic blanket put down or a chair put out, that space was quickly filled with someone anxiously awaiting the Fourth of July fireworks display.

From east of LR Burger to the parking lot of 1025 church, patriot colors music, laughing children and happy faces could be seen waiting for the fireworks to begin. And when they did, it didn’t disappoint.

“Thanks for an awesome firework show, first time going and my family loved it. Hats off to ya’ll and the police officers doing a great job directing traffic,” said first-time attendee Sonya Johnson. She is already looking forward to next year. (Contributed photo right)

Click or tap on the Youtube video below for a sample of Monroe’s Patriotic spirit and fireworks display on the night of July 4, 2021!

Happy Independence Day!

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