Monroe Downtown helps local business stay afloat during COVID-19 shutdown

Monroe Downtown is doing what it can to help local businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 shutdown. On its website, it has a list of restaurants with links to their Facebook pages and details on their takout, curb-side or delivery options. It also has a listing of retail establishments, services and businesses temporarily closed. This page is updated as the situation changes and they are diligently seeking out the latest information to post to this page.

Click or tap on this image to get the latest information on Monroe Businesses or to add your information to the list.

If you are aware of any updates or have any requests to add information to this page you are requested to email the Monroe downtown office here.

Many Downtown Monroe restaurants offer delivery services. It’s easy and free! Grubhub, in particular, is supporting local businesses by waiving commission fees temporarily for restaurants. You can also use Doordash.  To begin an order you’ll first need to download one of their free apps to your mobile phone.



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