Monroe Gamechangers big ideas include Alcovy Riverfront recreation, parking garage, transport service, more

Which of these ideas would you most like to see implemented and would you be prepared to get involved?

Monroe, Ga. After spending the first half of this year working on their projects in Monroe, the 45 members of the Gamechangers presented the results of their work to members of the community last week. These big ideas had taken a lot of work and are all contained in a 120-page report listing each one with cost estimates, potential funding sources and a time-line to consider should any of them be implemented.

Some of these ideas included work on the current park system and ways to connect the communities through a system of greenway trails. One really big idea along a stretch of those greenway trails was to develop a riverfront recreational area on the Alcovy River, a resource that the Gamechangers felt was very underutilized. This project would include a pickup and drop off point for kayaks and tubes, and a recreation area at one or both ends for restaurants and retail opportunities. This would also include one of the connective trails along the riverbank of about 5.8 miles. A public/private partnership of about $6.9 million for the development of the recreation areas on the Alcovy River, the necessary river cleanup and a series of trails could be done in stages over a 3 – 7-year time limit.

And this was just one of the ideas. There also was a recommendation of a parking garage to deal with the traffic, ways to improve and encourage the youth entrepreneurial spirit, cooperatives to offer such services as inner and inter-city transportation operations and childcare to name a couple. The report contains all these ideas, along with sketches and estimates to help fuel your imagination. Each one requires organizations to assist in sources the funds, ensuring community involvement and getting the projects off the ground.

While these ideas have a Monroe focus if implemented many would uplift the whole community. For the full report, pull up a chair, grab a glass or iced-tea and read through the results of this Gamechanger project. There could be something in there that you believe you could help bring to fruition.

Click or tap on this link for the full report.


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