Monroe Magical Lights Parade opens 12 Days of Christmas Lights in Childers Park

If you missed the Trikes, Bikes and Magical Lights opening parade Tuesday of the 12 Days of Christmas Lights that decorate Childers Park for the 2020 Holiday season, you missed a great event. But the good news is you still have many days to take a stroll through the park and enjoy the magical lights that will be on display through the holiday season.

Tuesday night saw children of all ages, some on foot, some on bikes, trikes, buggies or golf carts (for the elders in our community) parading through the park to the sounds of Christmas music and happy laughter. Many made a stop at the slide to take a fun break from the walk, to take some photographs or to look out across the lit fountain in the pond at the eight Maids a-Milking or the nine Ladies Dancing.

Click or tap on the link below for a small photo gallery of the Christmas 2020 Trikes, Bikes and Magical Lights parade.

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