Monroe mayoral candidate Emilio Kelly gives his vision for the city following his candidacy announcement

Press release from the mayoral campaign of emilio Kelly

Emilio Kelly: History in the Making”

Once in a generation, it appears that in the midst of a redundant and motionless season an awareness is revived, a new day dawns and the chance of a lifetime emerges. Such is the time here in Monroe, Georgia where last month, Emilio Kelly announced his candidacy for Mayor. A Monroe Native and product of this illustrious city, Kelly has trusted his family values and experience as a social leader to guide him to pursue such a position in this city. Emilio Kelly is making history as the first African-American to run for the Mayoral position in Monroe. Kelly would provide an opportunity for all in Monroe as inclusivity and opportunity be the corner stones of his campaign. With a mind to fight for not only one section of the population of Monroe, but Mr. Kelly also seeks to be a strong arm for all.

Kelly is Monroe. He attended Monroe Area High School and received his Undergrad degree at Benedict College of Columbia, South Carolina – has taught him to work hard, pursue goals and manifest dreams. A Black Man, a husband, a father, an Entrepreneur, Kelly is stacking the deck with Leadership. He has been tested in area of Leadership which has helped shape his outlook on the effectiveness of leading people.

“To know Emilio Kelly is to know a leader layered with experience, mingled with trial and error – but one who’s grounded and has the capacity to be a Champion for ALL people here in the city of Monroe”, says Rev. Cedric Butts. “I wish him nothing but the best – the city, family and friends know that when he sets his mind to a goal, it will be accomplished.

“He will fight for the people and the equality that this city deserves,” says another local Monroe resident.

Monroe is a city that’s bustling with 14,013 in Population-Is at a Crossroads. It appears through conversations with the CITIZENS that the mere population feels a certain neglect that the current Mayor and his administration have yet to come to grips with. It appears that there’s only a certain population of the city are reaping the benefits of planning, funding and upgrades. Other populations are not feeling or seeing the enhancements and upgrades than other areas of Monroe are receiving. Henceforth, the greatest opportunity for change for this city is on the horizon.
When asked What has motivated you to run for Mayor of Monroe? Candidate Kelly responds – “There’s a desire in me to see this city thrive. We can’t reach this goal if there are inconsistencies by not making it fair for all. A Mayor has to be exercise a plan that works for all and not some. Now, is the time we awaken all of our thought processes. It’s time all people here in Monroe are presented with a plan that includes all. We want to see this city grow, flourish and prosper.

Only time will tell us the result of what’s to come. Political parties aside, Kelly wants to focus on the people and power of unity and what happens when the people are represented. As the dawn emerges on Monroe and another political chapter is being written – we are anxiously awaiting to hear more from this exciting candidate. Kelly, the nephew of the late Mr. Donald Hector reflects, “My Uncle Donald always believed that a man has to pull up his own boot straps, stand up and confront that which needs our attention and focus. It’s not a time to run away from our problems. (Uncle Donald) Hector was not one who was afraid to work with anyone to make the best happen for this city.

Emilio Kelly, the city of Monroe is watching you and we’re supporting you in this effort. May you embrace the spirit of Mr. Hector and so many more who have paved the way for you. A new day is rising and the chance of a lifetime is emerging. You are the hope and dream of this generation – for such a time as this.

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