Monroe PD Report: Man says cameras prove government is watching him

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between March 3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle, Tall Oaks Ln; Contact made with female subject who advised that she was waiting on her ex-boyfriend to come give her money, the homeowner asked her to leave and she did.
  • Shoplifting at Walmart; Comp thought a female used a receipt to fraudulently obtain a bicycle, negative report made by Walmart employee, unsubstantiated.
  • 911 Hang-up, N. Broad Street at Susie’s Wings; Employees advised a black male possibly named bothering them refusing to leave, area checked, subject was gone when police arrived.
  • Domestic problem, S. Broad Street; Comp advised female subject slapped 12-year-old juvenile in the face after an argument with another juvenile, female subject denied slapping the child, no visible marks, conflicting information, report was taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Old Universal Rundle, caller advised seeing a vehicle behind the open gate on Vine Street; parking lot and back parking lot checked with negative contact, subjects GOA.
  • Search Warrant, Towler St., residence searched for items used in aggravated battery from day shift incident, evidence located and collected.
  • Domestic problem, Bell St., complainant in argument with male subject, ongoing issue, complainant advised to go inside or he could be charged with public intoxication.
  • Suspicious Person, Custom Way;  complainant advised seeing two black males running between houses, male subject located on Baron Drive ran on foot into apartment on Baron Drive.  Mr. Washington arrested for Obstruction and fighting with his cousin at the house earlier which is why he was walking around the neighborhood.
  • Welfare check, Fawnfield Dr., Parents on location advised children were at school.  I then had dispatch check with the schools.  Juveniles were ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle in the area of Church St.  Reference to a military vehicle with GSP stickers on it.  GSP was out driving their vehicle.  All ok.
  • Theft report taken at Monroe PD lobby.  Complainant wanted to report the landlord of her previous business giving away her property.  Civil Issue but requested documentation.
  • DTP, S. Madison Ave., complainant advised someone damaged his windshield and passenger window during the night.
  • Burglary report, GW Carver, complainant advised his apartment was broken into sometime between Friday at 1400 and Monday at 1630.  His 50” Samsun TV was taken.  Serial number was placed on GCIC.  Suspect was named.
  • Agency assist, Meadow Ct.  Reference to a hit and run that occurred in Gwinnett County.  Looking for a Maroon Suburban.  Made contact with male subject.  Gwinnett was advised.
  • Juvenile complaint, Hampton Dr., mother advised her 15-year-old daughter would not give up her phone last night. Daughter was mentored and both parties mediated.
  • Accident on Lacy St. Two vehicles, no injuries. Mr. Hester arrested for warrants out of WCSO.
  • Domestic problem, Ash St., couple arguing over living arrangements. Advised of eviction process, all ok.
  • Animal complaint/dispute on Mill St., complainant advised her neighbor’s dog was on her porch. On officer arrival dog was re-secured inside fence, no one harmed or bit.
  • Domestic problem, Plaza Dr. Sisters verbally disputing. 22-year-old sister was leaving to vacation in FL with two children. Other sister did not want her driving all night and hid keys. Mediated, sister left for FL.
  • Burglary in progress at Turner St. Comp advised they saw someone with flashlight in residence. All Ok. Subject was grandson of homeowner.
  • Fight in the area of W. 5th St.  Subjects left the area in a black vehicle.  Two male subjects were involved in a fight.  Conflicting stories.  Both had marks.  Advised of warrant process.
  • Theft report, N. Broad St.  Purchase made by credit card in December of 2016 in the amount of $1200 was recently taken back by credit card company due to the card being stolen
  • Suspicious person, Card Station N. Broad St.  Chief advised a Shawn Winn on location with 38D (drugs).  Arrested for possession of Xanax.
  • Suspicious vehicle, E. Fambrough St.  Honda on location in the driveway abandoned on private property.  Advised he could have it towed.
  • Report taken at Monroe PD, wanted to report cameras found in his residence and the government following him.
  • Juvenile complaint, Towler St.  Son punched the step-dads windshield.  Declined report.  Son is going to Florida to stay with grandmother.
  • Suspicious Person at Los Three Amigos.  Two drunk people seen coming out of Los Three Amigos and going into Family Dollar.  Did not make contact with anyone at Family Dollar drunk.
  • Criminal Damage to Property, complainant advised a white male was angry with him for honking at the suspect’s girlfriend.  Complainant advised the suspect kicked his car leaving a dent.  Victim unable to get a tag number.

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