Monroe PD Reports: Assault, drug arrests and subject laying in roadway

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 28 – May 4, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Loud Music Baron Drive.  Advised resident of noise ordinance and they stated they would comply.
  • Assault, Breedlove Drive (Ridgeview Institute).  Victor Gay assaulted female subject, both are patients at the hospital.  Female subject wanted charges pressed against Victor Gay.  Victor Gay was discharged from the hospital and arrested by Monroe PD for battery.
  • Unknown problem at Walton Road and Lakeview Drive.  Male subject laying in the roadway.  Upon arrival subject had already gone inside.  Officer spoke to subject and he stated he went out to walk to clear his head feel down and laid down for a few then got up to go back inside.  Subject is going to his father house for the rest of the night.
  • Dispute, MLK Jr.  (Applebee’s) Manager wanted police to stand by due to being scared of a large customer.  Customer was very calm upon police arrival and explained he just wanted the manager to take off food that was never brought to his table.  Manager handled the situation without needed police.
  • Burglary / Wanted Person, GW Carver Drive, Reference a Tommy Lee Vinson calling in reference to someone knocking on his door and leaving.  Prior to going on scene dispatch advised Tommy had an active warrant for simple assault.  Tommy was arrested and transported TO Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring Street (McDonalds) Vehicle spinning tires in the parking lot.  Did not locate any driving infractions.  Found a group loitering in the parking lot advised them to leave the area.
  • Loud Noise in the area of West Creek Circle.  Homeowner advised of noise ordinance and turned music down and went inside.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, reference a vehicle swerving in and out of its lane.  Area checked negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop at New Lacy / Magnolia Street Lachievous Smith arrest for reckless driving and parole violation.  Cedric Russell Arrest for disorderly conduct.
  • Domestic, Towler Street, between male and female subjects disputing over sexual relationship issues.
  • Dispute, Old Mill Point, complainant advising two unknown males followed her home from the Harris street legion.  Complainant advised she got into an altercation with the males at the legion.  Complainant also advised the males told her they were going to kill her fiancée.  After several attempt to gather more information Complainant was extremely drunk and stated she did not want a report.
  • Shot fired in the area of Douglas Street.  One call called in no shell casing found and no evidence of shots being fired.
  • Area check, Old Mill Point, Intoxicated complainant advised male subject was outside her front door talking to another male subject.  Subjects gone upon officers arrival
  • Suspicious vehicle, East Washington St., Complainant advised that they saw a mail truck driving up and down E. Washington Street, near the Post Office, and thought that it was suspicious.  Area checked with negative contact.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle, Sorrells St, Quontavious Partee, arrested for Walton County warrants..
  • Officer’s called to S. Broad St., Complainant stated that named male subject threatened her.  Report made.
  • Damage to Property, Armistead Circle, Report made in reference to a damaged vehicle.
  • Theft report, Custom Way, Complainants license plate was stolen from her vehicle.
  • Harassment, Bryant Rd., Complainant being harassed through text messages by Tonya Richardson. Complainant was not on location and harassment occurred in Gwinnett County. Complainant’s mother advised that she would call back when complainant’s was on location.
  • 911. Hang-Call, Sweetgum Dr., Caller advised a male was on location destroying the residence then hung up. Complainant stated that her grandson, was throwing items in the residence.  Adult Protective Services was contacted due to inhumane living conditions.
  • 911-Hang up call, Carver Place, Fight between sisters, No charges.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, Birch St., Dispute between neighbors over a cat attacking a dog.  Mediated.  All ok.
  • Trespassing, Oakwood Lane, complainant. advised kids are cutting through the woods on his property.  Subjects gone upon officer arrival.
  • Fight, North Midland Ave in reference to a fight.  Upon arrival officer met with a Tevin Atkinson who state he and his brother got into a fight.  Upon investigation Tevin was discovered to have in his possession 41 oxycodone pill, 171.5 xanax pills, one pistol, and marijuana less than an ounce.  Due to the nature of the crime the FIT time responded to assist in obtaining a search warrant for the residence.  It was conducted on North Midland Avenue due to Tevin attempted to go inside.  After the search warrant was executed a 22 Ruger rifle, $826, and more narcotics to include molly (MDA) Weed, Hydrocodone, Liquid Codeine, Xanax, Scales, bullets, a number of phones and a s&w magazine.  Tevin was charged with PWI schedule 2 and 4.  Possession of a weapon during a crime and possession of concealed weapon without a permit and also possession of marijuana.  Daishanea Wilson, Akeiela Pounds, Traontavious Cooper, Thakedus Simmons were charged with Poss. Of Cocaine, Poss. Marijuana Less oz, Poss sch. IV (Xanax) Poss. Sch II (Hydrocodone) poss. Of MDMA.  Poss. Of a firearm during the crime, and Drugs not in original bottle.
  • Theft, East Church Street (Chestnut Cupboard) Customer thought he left his wallet at the store.  Reviewed the security camera footage and found that he left with his wallet.
  • Theft, East Church Street (Jack Peters Grocery) in reference to complainant loaning his bike out to a nephew and they had not returned it.  Made contact with the family on Magnolia Street and had the bike returned.

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