Monroe PD Reports: Assault victim hospitalized with broken ribs, collapsed lung, suspect arrested

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between March 3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Burglary in progress, Mobley Circle in regards to unknown B/M in storage building behind business. Subject on location with permission and used bathroom. Neal arrested for Criminal Trespass, cited and released on copy.
  • Dispute, Ash St., originally occurred at Sycamore Square Apts. between two subjects over a man. Supposedly fight took place, no evidence at time. Incident documented and subject advised of warrant process.
  • Suspicious Vehicle On Hwy 78 black reference black truck carrying a trailer speeding.  Area checked. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Lopez Lane.  Caller said person was riding through neighborhood on dirt bike with no helmet.  No contact.
  • Fight in the area of Old Mill Point.  Unknown caller.  Upon arrival no fight was seen.  People out in the area playing basketball.
  • Animal Complaint, East Church Street.  Dog tied to a tree behind the residence.  Unknown whose it is or who put it there.  Animal control will pick up the animal in the morning.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Lopez Lane.  Caller wanted to speak to police about the dirt bike issue.  I spoke to the caller and she advised they are riding in the road and coming from Lopez Lane.   I went and spoke to the owner and advised him to keep it off the road.
  • Domestic, Plaza Trace (Country Grove Apartments) reference to a male and female subject in verbal altercation on spending time together.  Nothing physical.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Quality Foods.  Caller wanted police to go to her house and scare her kids into acting right.  Explained issues with scaring kids.  Told her to call if he begins acting up and we would mediate the situation.
  • Animal Complaint, Radford Street.  Neighbor’s dog got loose while kid was playing in the yard.  Small scratch.  Did not break the skin.  The dog wasn’t being violent.  Mother said she called before she saw if her son was injured.  Did not want to do anything else.
  • Suspicious Person, McDaniel Street.  Reference a white female walking around the residence.  Located female who is a nurse and was looking for another address on McDaniel Street.  Everything was verified through and email person was just at the wrong address.  All ok.
  • Follow up at Monroe Police Department in reference to case number.  The suspect wanted to tell his side of the story.  He confessed to the throwing of the bottle and warrants will be obtained for terroristic threats and acts.
  • Domestic on Davis street in reference to female subject left the residence and said named subject still had her two wallets.  Checked the house and unable to locate the items
  • Suspicious vehicle at Hammond Park.  U-Haul truck parked by the pavilion two men sleeping in the truck.  Told to leave the park.
  • Suspicious vehicle at Ashton Point apartments.  Spoke to the driver who lived there.  She was waiting on her boyfriend.
  • Assault, New Lacy St., complainant advised that she was assaulted by a Kelsey Winder.  Negative contact with the Winder subject.  Not enough information to secure warrants.  Hospital advised subject had a collapsed lung with broken ribs.  CID was notified.  Kelsey Winder was later located and arrested.
  • Domestic problem, Nowell St., husband advised his wife backed into him when she was leaving the residence.
  • Burglary in progress on Walton Rd.  Michael Phillips arrested for Criminal Trespass.
  • Domestic problem, Bridgeport Pl., married couple disputing over eviction.  Female was gone when officers arrived.
  • Alarm, Rite Aid.  All ok.  Male subject on location removing security cameras.  Subject was verified and allowed to continue.  Subject had a warrants out of Arkansas.  In state pick up only.  All ok.
  • Scam, Lopez Ln., complainant advised a male from Washington called in reference to a $7000 grant for unemployed single moms.  Requested that the incident be documented.
  • Damage To Property, S. Broad St.  Fence found cut open with items from the storage yard outside the fence.  Items were recovered prior to officer’s arrival.  Requested report for documentation.
  • Burglary, Stower’s Dr.  Entry made through back master bedroom window.  Appears from tracks in the dirt suspects went to Turner St.  $1000 in $100 bills was taken from bottom drawer of nightstand.
  • Domestic problem, Booth Dr., married couple disputing over marital issues.  Wife was piling husband’s property up to throw out.  Husband advised he would leave for the night.  Wife was advised that none of his property could be damaged or placed outside.
  • Fraud report at Monroe Recycling.  Named subject cashed a fraudulent check at The Market on N. Madison Ave.
  • Firearms Discharged at Coker Field;  Comp advised seeing a dark colored SUV leave from park, area checked, no further contact.

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