Monroe PD Reports: Burglary attempt, Dog bites owner during discipline

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between May 4 – 11, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute at Cook St., Reference to a dispute over property. Justice Wright was arrested for outstanding warrants through Oconee and Walton Counties.
  • Welfare Check at Maple St., The complainant advised adults were on location using drugs in front of children. There were no signs of drug use and the children were fine.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Pine Park St., Reference to a blue Ford Mustang driving reckless. Negative contact.
  • Burglary attempt at McDaniel St., The complainant advised a subject was on location attempting to break into his residence. Augustus Curry was arrested for Loitering and Prowling and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Area Check at West Spring Street and Breedlove Dr., Reference to Brandon Daws in the area with an active warrant through WCSO. Brandon Daws was arrested and transported to WCSO.
  • Dispute at MLK Jr. Blvd., The complainant was not happy with a mother disciplining her child. The situation was mediated.
  • Domestic Dispute at Plaza Dr., Kristopher Lain and Ashley McDonald were physically disputing. Lain was arrested for battery and hindering a 911 call. Ashley was arrested for DOC for her actions in front of Officers.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at 1135 East Church St., Reference to a black or gray Honda passenger car driving reckless. Negative contact.
  • Juvenile Complaint at 942 Lopez Lane, Reference juveniles riding dirt bikes with no helmets. Officer made contact and gave juvenile a warning.
  • Suspicious Persons at North Madison Ave., Reference four subjects on location acting suspicious. The subjects advised they were taking pictures. The subjects were identified and sent on their way.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Michael Etchison and McDaniel St; W/M and B/M riding bikes in the middle of the road, negative contact.
  • Welfare check on S. Broad Street; subject that resides at Conestoga that had his phone stolen, negative contact.
  • Harassing Phone Calls complainant taken at S. Broad Street; Comp advised a male subject was prank calling her, advised to block number, all ok.
  • Dispute at Al’s Discount Tire; Complainant said female stole $80 and his ID.  Unable to make contact with female, report made.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Monroe Jersey and HD Atha; white car failing to maintain lane, negative contact.
  • Dog bite at Meadowview drive; dog owner got bit on the arm after trying to discipline her dog.
  • Suspicious Person at 2nd Street and S. Broad Street; Subject left parent’s house, not taking her medication, given ride home, all ok.
  • Dispute at Walton Rd; Dexter Brown and Deshawn Brown went to confront their mother and stepdad at Aunt’s house, causing a big scene kicking the door, etc… both arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Wheel House Lane; gold vehicle driving around with alarm going off, negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Hwy 138 and W. Spring Street; negative contact.
  • Damage to Property at Green Street; Complainant had damage to her vehicle, report made.
  • Dispute at Monroe Motor Inn; Subject in a gray car and one in a brown Taurus causing a disturbance, one half gone when officers arrived, All ok.
  • Livestock in the Roadway at Highway 78 near Highway 11; Cow in the area, attempted to keep sight of it, Animal Control contacted, lost contact.
  • Welfare Check at Felker Park; young juvenile accidentally left at the park, father arrived shortly after, all ok.
  • Dispute at Hillcrest Village; male subject on location fighting with mother, subjects separated for the evening.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at  Cloverdale Drive; Red Monte Carlo spinning in cul-de-sac, vehicle located parked, subjects standing around the vehicle given a warning.
  • Welfare Check at Breedlove Drive; Patient having medical issues with her stomach, staff advised she was ok, refused to allow Officers in the building.
  • Firearms Discharged at Creekside Way; Subject was clearing his firearm in the ground due to it being jammed, advised about city ordinance etc…

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