Monroe PD Reports: Disorderly conduct, petty theft and domestic disputes dominate

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between June 16 – 22, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person, Cherry Hill Road in reference to a Hispanic male witnessed walking behind a trailer. Area of property checked and located two concrete saws and backpack blower laying outside of trailer that were attempted to be stolen.
  • Traffic Stop on Mayfield Drive at North Broad Street. Montrez Demarco Lee stopped for speeding on Mayfield. The stop lead to the suspicious odor of raw marijuana. Vehicle searched and Lee was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 1 oz and speeding.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, in the area of Tanglewood Drive. Complainant advised she saw a large white van with two escaped inmates from Gainesville driving it. Located a Ford van at Tanglewood Drive, which returned as a rental. Walton County Dispatch was unknown or any escaped inmates. Negative contact with anyone.
  • Shoplifting at Hibbett Sports. Three named subjects took three pair of Jordan’s and a fidget spinner without paying for merchandise. Warrants to be taken.
  • Theft, Carwood Dr., complainant advised an unknown person(s) took a Home lite weed eater and a McCullough chainsaw from his enclosed front porch between the hours of 0900 – 1530 this date.
  • Traffic Stop on East Church Street at the Chevron Gas Station. Anthony Lee was pulled over and arrested for an active warrant out of Walton County for FTA on an obstruction charge.
  • Traffic Stop on Baron Drive. The driver, Eugene Wright, arrested for not wearing a seatbelt and suspended license.
  • Stolen ATV on West Marable St., complainant stated his 1998 black and white Yamaha Raptor 660 four wheeler was taken sometime around 1700 hours this date from his front yard.  Suspect name was given. Vehicle placed on GCIC as stolen.  Bolo put out for WCSO, Riverdale PD and Atlanta PD.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring Street – Wal-Mart.   In reference to two black males throwing fire crackers into the roadway at Highway 138.  Area was checked with negative contact.
  • Dispute, Tanglewood Dr., complainant stated she and male subject got into a physical altercation and he threw her out of the residence. Complainant does not live on location.  Male subject threw her out because she kept pushing and agitating him.  No marks on either person
  • Hit and Run, Glen Iris Dr., complainant stated a group of females in an older model purple Honda Civic pulled into her driveway at a high rate of speed and struck her aunts parked car before pulling back out and driving off.  Complainant stated another vehicle appeared to be chasing the purple Honda.
  • Entering Auto, Union St., and complainant stated she was contact by several neighbors who advised her next door neighbor entered her husband’s work van.  Contact made with female subject who is an elderly person, she was confused and stumbling.  Subject fell while speaking and possibly injured her hip.  Turned over to EMS.  Victim refused to prosecute.
  • Agency Assist, West Spring Street – Clearview Hospital.  Male subject stated to staff he was having suicidal thoughts.  Dr. signed a medical form on subject and subject ran out of the hospital.  Subject was escorted back into the hospital and stated he would fight the staff if they tried to give him anything.   Both officers helped the staff hold down subject as he was given medication.
  • Agency Assist at Golden Pantry.  Meeting with DFACS wanting and escort to Booth Drive to meet with a female subject whom may be on drugs (Meth).  Possibly lives with boyfriend.  Could not get anyone to the door at this time.
  • Dispute, South Broad St., complainant wanted to make a report that the clerk at the Chevron assaulted him.  Complainant advised the clerk pushed him out of the store for no reason.  Spoke to the clerk whom stated complainant was cursing and causing a disturbance.  He told him to leave which he refused.  He stated he did slightly push him out of the door.
  • Domestic on West Fambrough Street.  Neighbor called in reference to hearing loud argument and children crying.  Made contact with female subject and her mother in law.  Female subject advised she was verbally disputing with her husband Anthony Garner and he would not let her leave the residence with the children.  Anthony was upset about female cheating on him.  The children left with his parents while on scene and female was leaving the driveway, officer witness Anthony walk up behind the vehicle and kicked it.  Officer placed Anthony under arrest for DOC.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at WalMart D.C., made contact with the vehicle in the parking lot it was unoccupied.
  • Suspicious Activity on West Spring Street.  Officer observed a Maroon passenger car pull into the Marathon.  The vehicle took off quickly and a black male was chasing after the vehicle up Pinecrest Drive toward McDaniel.  Officer made contact with the male on Pinecrest just past the Rite Aid.  Male would not listen to officer commands and walked off.  Officer tased the male.  Male was arrested for DOC.  Officer made contact with the vehicle that sped off.  Female driver advised she was in a verbal argument with the male and she kicked him out of the vehicle.
  • Loud Music, Maple St.  Advised resident to keep music down.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Walton 24.  In reference to male and female subjects having a verbal argument.  Male took female’s keys and threw them out the window.  Keys were found and female did not want to press charges.  Report for documentation.
  • Assist Citizen at Roosevelt Street / East Marable Street.  Caller requested a courtesy ride to Clearview reference voluntary medical evaluation and assistance with a homeless shelter.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Hwy 78 East Bound.  Blue van traveling west in the eastbound lanes.  Checked the area with negative contact.  Dispatch advised only one call regarding the wrong way driver and county had negative contact as well.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring Street – Clearview in reference to above caller on location causing a disturbance.  He was given a lift back to his residence by officer.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, East Spring Street – Dairy Queen.  Red Saturn sitting in the drive through lane.  Cleaning crew on site claimed the car.
  • Suspicious Person in the area of Michael Etchinson Road.  Called in by WCSO.  Black male seen walking down the road.  Area checked negative contact.
  • Domestic at Popeye’s Chicken. Male and female subjects involved in a verbal dispute over the loss of male’s wallet. Parties separated.
  • Agency Assist, West Spring Street – Clearview Regional Medical Center. Staff on location wanted officers to stand by while they advised male subject medical evaluation was signed for him to stay at the hospital. Male subject was combative last date with officers.
  • Domestic, Walton Rd., complainant reported she had a dispute with the father of her child. The father stole her cell phone and left the residence. Incident occurred at Park Lake Court. Turned Over To Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Theft, Bryant Rd., complainant reported his bright purple cruiser style bicycle with the word “Avalon” on it stolen off his front porch sometime between June 16 and today. No serial number provided.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Alcovy Street. Caller advised a tan Ford F-150 pickup truck was failing to maintain its lane and driving too slow. Contact made with the vehicle parked at the Monroe Golf and Country Club, unoccupied.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Broad Street – Flowers Bakery in reference to an occupied red truck on location in the back.  Made contact with male subject. Whom advised he was on location to pick up his check.  Guy with check arrived on scene and gave subject his check.

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