Monroe PD Reports: Issues between parents and children keep officer busy

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length of the report, it has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note, an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Civil Issue, Wheel House Lane, reference to complainant’s 18-year-old son not being at home. She stated he has a mental disorder and she wants him out of her home I explained the eviction process and the process for getting him a mental evaluation. .
  • Dispute, East Spring St, met with complainant who stated she saw named male subject yelling at and pushing a woman by the name given and saw them drive off in a Honda with the tag number given. Negative contact at the Monroe Motor Inn and surrounding area. Went out to Vine Street to check for the vehicle and had negative contact. Was advised a female subject would be in the car but unknown where she is at this time.
  • Theft Report, Hubbard St., reference to complainant missing fishing poles, he suspects they were stolen while he was in the hospital, he was advised he could check local pawn shops in hopes to find the missing items.
  • Domestic, West Spring St., reference to a domestic that occurred in the parking lot between two named subjects.  Due to conflicting statements unable to determine if a criminal act took place.
  • Suspicious person, Davis St., reference to unknown males in the yard urinating and defecating in it.  negative contact
  • Suspicious Vehicle, SB on Hwy 11, reference to silver passenger car tag # speeding and reckless. Negative contact with vehicle.
  • Domestic Dispute, Micheal Circle, reference to male subject having a mental episode.  He believed a lap top was causing him pressure and pain in his head.  He broke the laptop to stop the pain.  Got him to go to Clearview for a mental evaluation.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St. (Elite Storage) in regard to former employee on location returning uniforms and got an attitude w/the boss. Boss wanted employee off property. Employee was GOA prior to arrival, all ok.
  • Domestic Dispute, Edwards St., child disputing with father over money and living conditions. Father was intoxicated but explained the civil process and situation was mediated.
  • Stopped Suspicious vehicle, Brendi Lee stopped for headlight violation, Lee had suspended license. Lee was arrested, fingerprinted, and released on copy.
  • Structure fire behind Beaudry Automotive. Fire managed to extinguish fire, CID was notified per request from Monroe Fire.
  • Juvenile complaint, Wheelhouse Ln., reference to mother wanting information on how to handle her son. Options were given, all ok.
  • Dispute, Maple Ln. (Maple Place Townhomes) complainant stated named male subject was intoxicated and arguing with her and she wanted him to leave. Verbal incident only, both parties advised of civil remedies.
  • Stopping Suspicious vehicle, Applebee’s due to no insurance. Driver cited for no insurance and expired tag. Vehicle towed by towing company.
  • Prowler report, Claywill Circle. Homeowner advised hearing a thumping against her home. Area checked with negative contact on foot.
  • Agency assist, Towler St. in regard to DFACS meeting with parent due to possible drug/alcohol issue with baby. Contact made and all was ok at this time.
  • Animal complaint, Government Building in regard to Melissa Gray stating a dog was running around. Negative contact with dog and Gray arrested for MPD warrant.
  • Civil issue, Brdgeport lane, reference to female being on location, relative has custody of female’s 3-month-old, and stated she’s not allowed to be on location. Female has custody of her 9 year-old and 11-year-old daughters and took the 9-year-old with her when she left this morning.
  • Animal Complaint, Etten Drive, Parkway Place, reference to a Pitbull chasing juveniles waiting for the bus. Located a light brown male dog on Armistead Circle. Unable to detain the animal. Spoke to the owner whom was actively looking for the dog. She advised the dog had belonged to her fiancé whom died two weeks ago. Unable to relocate the dog. Turned over to animal control.
  • Stolen vehicle, Springer Lane, reference to complainant wanting to report her vehicle stolen, she let her daughter borrow the car last week, she has not brought the car back as of this date. Complainant was advised the vehicle is not stolen due to the fact she let her daughter borrow it. The vehicle is a 2005 Acura TL tag #given. Report taken
  • Agency Assist, Beaudry Automotive in reference to people moving around the property behind the crime scene tape.  Subject were ok to be there per the Arson Investigator.
  • Welfare check, Walker Dr., reference to daughter wanting her mother check on, made contact with mother who stated she was ok.
  • Meet with Officer at MPD Lobby, met with complainant whom resides on West Vine St. Complainant was inquiring as to why officers were at his residence yesterday. He was advised that officers were looking for a male and female subject in regard to a dispute at the Monroe Motor Inn. Complainant advised the female is his child’s mother and does not live with him. He advised she took his vehicle which has cancelled registration and she has no license. He stated he did not want to report it stolen due to her being his child’s mother.
  • Dispute, Georgia Ave. DFACS, reference to a mother leaving with her children. Made contact with two DFACS workers, the mother and her two sons, 14 years old and 11 years old. Dispute was in regard to the two juveniles running away from their foster home in Newton County on Sunday afternoon. The two juveniles lived in the woods at Felker Park for the past two nights until they called their mother to pick them up. Mother was upset with DFACS in regard to the safety of her children. DFACS obtained custody of the two juveniles.
  • Dispute, Magnolia Terrace in regard to meeting with complainant about a dispute with her neighbor.  The Neighbor lives on Magnolia Terrace and is her grandchild’s mother. Complainant advised she had just returned home and was sitting in her vehicle with the door open talking to her mother. She advised the neighbor came outside and started yelling and cursing at her claiming that complainant was saying things about her. She stated the neighbor told her that she has been warned, and complainant was afraid that the neighbor was going to do something. The neighbor was gone when officers arrived. Report requested.
  • Traffic Stop, Walton Truck Stop, reference to Steven Jenkins having a warrant for his arrest out of Walton County for bad check.  Jenkins was arrested and turned over to the Walton County Jail.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Bridgeport Place, reference to juvenile damaging property. Made contact with grandmother whom stated her grandson 16 yrs. old damaged property inside the residence. She advised her grandson was upset because his mother would not come see him. Grandmother has custody of her grandson Grandmother wanted to know her options in regard to his behavior. She advised she would take him to get a medical evaluation done.
  • Fight Call in the area of 3rd Street in reference to male subject disputing with the owner of Jeffcoat’s Barber shop. Owner ask male subject to leave due to him causing a scene in the shop and scaring customers. Male subject is autistic and has trouble understanding his anger, EMS checked male subject on scene, the situation was mediated. Male subject’s parents pick him up and took him home. His father was advised of remedies. Report taken.
  • Theft report, Davis St., reference to complainant missing money from his suit jacket pocket, he stated the jacket was hanging in his closet and the money $800 in 20’s was in the pocket, he put the money in there this morning between 0830-0902 hours while on location dispatch ran criminal history checks on each person who lives in the home, male subject came back having a warrant out of Barrow County for probation violation. The warrant was confirmed through Barrow County, male subject was transported to Windstream and turned over to Barrow County deputy without incident. After leaving Windstream Barrow County notified Walton County dispatch the warrant was expired, male subject was transported back to his home on Davis street without incident. report taken
  • Juvenile Complaint, Indian Creek Dr., reference to juveniles on bikes messing with lawn equipment. Made contact with the juveniles. All three juveniles advised they were cutting through to Hammond Park and did not mess with the complainant. The complainant, rolled into the area on his lawn mower stating that one was messing with his lawn equipment that was in his trailer. Complainant took off before officer could get any further. All three juveniles were advised to stay away from complainant.
  • Domestic Dispute, South Broad Street Lot 148 South Side Mobile Home Park in reference to the complainant’s father attempting to burglarize the residence. Made contact with Josh Meeks whom stated he heard someone banging on his door. He believed someone was trying to make entrance into his residence and did not realize it was his father. He advised his father was yelling at him about being behind on lot rent. Made contact with father, Denis Meeks at lot 150. He advised the park manager sent him a text message about Josh being behind on lot rent. He stated he went over to his son’s residence to verify if he was behind on rent.

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