Monroe PD Reports: Man attacked with a knife during burglary

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between June 30 – July 6, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute at Old Mill Point.  Complainant stated her son had friends over eating her food refusing to leave.  Subject gone when officers arrived. Spoke with her son who stated he had a friend over with his mother’s permission and she became intoxicated and wanted everyone out of the residence.  Spoke with both parties regarding civil eviction process.  Complainant was highly intoxicated.
  • Emergency Message at East Fambrough Street.  Complainant wanted officers to make contact with her friend to advise him she was at Saint Mary’s Hospital.  Negative contact with friend.
  • Burglary, South Broad Street.  Complainant reported Kaite Mathis breaking into her home and stealing clothes.  Ms. Mathis was located and arrest for burglary.
  • Dispute, South Broad Street.  Subjects disputing.  One says one is copying him when he packs his cigarettes and its annoying him.  The other stated his wife and he filed a good behavior warrant against the other and ever since getting it in the mail he has been harassing them.  Both were advised no laws have been broken and to stay away from each other.
  • Dispute at South Broad Street.  Complainant purchased $25 worth of merchandise last date and left the merchandise on the counter.  She advised when she returned the clerk had given her bag to someone else by accident.  She was advised to come back and speak to the clerk who was not on property at this time.  Complainant was advised the clerk will work the next day and to make contact with him then.  All ok.
  • Dispute at The Hot Spot.  Complainant upset about the ATM not working.  Made contact with complainant at E Marable / N Madison and advised her not to return to the store this date.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street.  Store Manager stated an unknown black male present in the store and upset about how the raffle was handled.  The male left the scene before officer’s arrival.  Manager was advised to contact police again if he returned.
  • Discharge Firearm at Lacy Street / Pine Park Street.  Complainant heard one gun shot in the area.  Officer’s spoke to several citizens on Lacy Street who did not hear any gun shot.  Conducted an area check and did not locate any suspicious activity.
  • Loud Music at Green Street in reference to loud music in the area.  An area check was conducted and no loud music was observed.  All ok.
  • Pullover/Arrest at Davis Street / South Madison Ave.  Vehicle pullover for no seatbelt, warning citation issued.  The passenger, Alicia Hendrick arrested for possession of marijuana less than an ounce.
  • Dispute at Maple Lane.  Made contact with complainant who stated his girlfriend threatens to get him arrested for battery every time they get into an argument.  He wanted advised on how to deal with her without getting in trouble.  I advised him of the eviction process along with the TPO process. All ok.
  • Pullover/Arrest at Perry Street.  Devontea Durden arrested for an active felony probation warrant out of Barrow County.  Mr. Durden taken to WCSO.
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident at Plaza Dr / W Spring St.  Vehicle accident involving a child on a bicycle.  Checked extensively on W Spring St, Plaza Dr, Ridge Rd, and Plaza Trace and negative contact with anyone who witnessed or heard the accident.  Could not locate the child in the area and surrounding streets.  No other complainants called to report the accident and County units were unable to locate the complainant’s vehicle or the suspect’s vehicle.  All units went back in service after negative contact with any of the parties involved.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St in reference to a man and woman panhandling for money.  Made contact with male who stated he was stranded and needed money for gas to get back to Tifton, Ga.  I advised him on the city ordinance on soliciting without a permit and he stated he would stop.
  • Dispute, West Spring St.  Male on location causing a disturbance inside the store.  Male criminally trespassed from the property indefinitely.
  • Area Check at Creek View Drive in reference to a lot of cars possibly parking illegally.  All vehicles present were parked legally within the law.
  • Disturbing the Peace Towler St., Camptowne Garden Apt.  Caller stated two black males on dirt bikes riding in Coker Field.  Contact made with male and advised subject to ride in this area he needs written permission from the land owner.  The second subject identified as name given fled upon initiating a traffic stop.  Conducted an area checked but could not find him.
  • Suspicious Activity at Sorrels Street.  Complainant stated that her son was playing in the field and a black male offered him money.
  • Suspicious Activity Hwy 138 a Grey Jeep failure to maintain lane the vehicle parked at Chick-fil-A.  Did not observe any driving violations.
  • Dispute at Baron Drive.  Husband and wife were in a verbal argument.  Husband then poured beer onto wife and left the scene.  Report taken.
  • Road Check at Lawrence Street / Norris Street.  Nine vehicle checked no citations.
  • Suspicious Vehicles 2050 West Spring Street – WalMart. Caller did not provide a description other than a purple car.  Area checked nothing suspicious found.
  • Gun Shot Wound at Mathews Park.  Subject shot in the leg. 5 juveniles all cited for loitering at the park.  Juvenile complaints to be completed.  Conflicting stories between the witness and the juveniles.
  • Dispute at Ridge Road.  Caller stated a verbal dispute was occurring in the area contact made with son and his mother who stated son was being yelled at by his girlfriend who was gone.  No domestic violence.
  • Suspicious Activity at Maple Way.  Complainant stated a male came to her residence drunk.  Male was gone on arrival.
  • Suspicious Person on East Marable St / Turner St.  Juvenile standing on street corner, she was advised of curfew laws and stated she was standing near her residence.  Juvenile sent home.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street – Burger King.  Customer on location disputing with staff over missing bacon on her whopper.  Staff provided the bacon.
  • Threats, West Spring Street – Papa John’s Manager stated an unknown male caller contacted the store phone and stated I’m coming for you, you’re goanna die tonight”.
  • Assault at East Washington Street.  In reference to a James Penn breaking to the residence located at East Washington Street and assaulting with a knife.  Victim had multiple cuts on his arm and legs.  EMS Transported victim to Clearview.  Penn was located near the scene and gave up to officers.  Penn arrested for Aggravated Assault, Aggravated battery, Burglary and weapon in the commission of a crime.
  •  Stolen Vehicle at Plaza Dr., Complainant advised an unknown black female drove off in his black 2009 Chevrolet Impala without his permission.  Complainant didn’t have his   vehicle’s information and it couldn’t be listed as stolen on GCIC at this time.
  • Trespassing, East Fambrough Street.  Complainant advised an unknown black male wearing an orange shirt and green shorts knocked on his front door.  As he opened the door, the male attempted to push his way inside.  The male was turned away by complainant by force.  An area check was conducted for the male but negative contact was made.
  • Property Damage at Magnolia Terrace.  Complainant came outside and found the right rear window of her vehicle was shattered.  Nothing taken from inside the vehicle.
  • Suspicious  Person, West Spring Street in reference to a black male wearing a red shirt selling CD’s.  An area check was completed with negative contact.
  • Dispute, Glenwood Avenue.  Subjects disputing over the volume of the television.  Both parties were present and the situation was mediated.  Female left the residence to go to work for the day.  All ok.

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