Monroe PD Reports: Stolen vehicle recovered burned out in Barrow County

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 21 – 27, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Domestic at Edwards Street reference stolen car.  Spoke to owner of car who advised her sister took her car without permission.  After speaking to one she stated her sister was on her way back and denied prosecution.
  • Dispute at West Spring Street (Haven Inn) in reference to a white female on location cussing out the front desk. The woman wanted Police to take her some place warm and dry.  She then changed her mind and walked away when officers tried to ask her more questions.  Person left the scene.
  • Suicide threats, E. Church St., Subject told multiple people that he wanted to kill himself, and admitted to taking 11 aspirin.  He went to Clearview for an evaluation.
  • Animal Control requested assistance in reference to an irate individual on location.  Subject surrendered two pit bulls to animal control.  All ok.
  • Harassment report taken at MPD, Complainant advised that she was being threatened.  Advised of civil remedies. Report taken.
  • Assault, Hammond Drive / Govt. Building, Complainant advised that she was assaulted earlier this date at Magnolia Terrace.  Warrant to be taken for battery.
  • Domestic problem, Gliding Lane, Complainant wanted the police on location while his daughter and ex-wife moved out of his residence.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, Marable St., Female wanted to know if she had to leave her residence due to roommate wanting her to leave.  Advised of resources in the area.  All ok.
  • Harassing phone calls report taken at MPD lobby, Complainant advised that a male keeps texting her after being told to stop.  She was advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious person, S. Broad St. / Alcovy, Ref: Grey Suburban pulling a trailer; possibly involved in burglary in Campton last date.  Walton County Sheriff’s Office advised those subjects had already been arrested.  All ok.
  • Civil issue, W. 5th St., Subject on location requesting to retrieve items from his residence.  He was released from jail this date after being arrested last date for family violence charges against his wife.
  • Arrest, Douglas St., Allen Mullins and Allison Pardue arrested for criminal trespass.  They were barred from location on 4/22/17.
  • Assault at Sorrells St. / Cook St., Will be in reference to the above call.  Subject advised that the suspect hit him in the head with a brick.  Warrant to be taken on suspect.
  • Stolen vehicle, Monroe Recycling, Complainant stated that a male subject took her car that he paid for.  Another female is the registered owner and Title pawn has a lien on the vehicle. Vehicle was not stolen.  Civil issue.
  • Single vehicle accident, Alcovy St. near the Country Club, Christian Bruce arrested for DUI-drugs/alcohol, failure to maintain lane and striking a fixed object.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Plaza Dr., Complainant’s 9-year-old son was afraid to get on the school bus because kids pick on him.  Parent was advised of remedies.  All ok.
  • Suspicious person, W. Spring Street / Alcovy signs, Female was located at Spring and Midland.  She advised that she was trying to get to Athens.
  • Stolen vehicle, N. Broad St., Complainant reported his 2013 Mazda M3 stolen.  After running the VIN, dispatch advised that the vehicle was recovered abandoned and burned last date in Barrow County.
  • Civil issue at Chevron / E. Church St., Complainant requested a ride to Gliding Lane to retrieve property from her father’s residence. All ok.
  • Suicide threats Conestoga MHP, Had a bad reaction to a pill that he took.  Transported by EMS.  All 10-4.
  • First United Methodist Church, Ref: Male and female walking around the property.  Area checked, negative contact.  All appeared ok
  • Dispute, Fawnfield Dr., Complainant stated that her grandson’s wife hit her.  Complainant had no marks and wife was not on location.

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