Monroe PD Reports: Suspicious death, firearms discharged, armed robbery

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 21 – 27, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Unknown at Reed Ct; upon arrival it was a verbal dispute between parties.  Both advised they were fine and would separate if needed.  All was ok.
  • Harassment at JB Food Mart; female located and advised to not return to JB Food Mart due to her panhandling for money.
  • Armed Robbery at W. Marable Street; Male was in a fight with unknown “t-dog” subject after attempting to purchase marijuana from him.  Raymond Gibbs on location upon arrival. Chris Yarborough was arrested for taking a baseball ball and smashing Gibb’s SUV.  Raymond Gibbs arrested for Terroristic threats threatening to kill Yarborough and his family.
  • 911 Hang-up at Hardee’s; Manager called due to a customer being disrespectful, subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Theft Report S. Broad Street; grandfather advised that his granddaughter stole items from his house, report taken.
  • Loud Music complaint Green St., complaining about car radio noise.
  • Burglary, Ash Lane; Female advised someone entered her house through an open window and stole her son’s PS4. Report taken.
  • Overlook Trail;  10 vehicles in the area, turned into loud music complaint,
  • Suspicious person, N. Broad Street Golden Pantry; Female on location attempting to panhandle, advised to head home.
  • Dispute, Old Mill Point; Complainant advised that someone parked in her parking spot, complainant advised to speak to the landlord.
  • Clearview Hospital;  Unknown white male in an older red Ford F150 dropped off 28 year old male who was already deceased.  Unknown cause of death, coroner arrived, CID notified and turned over to.
  • Suspicious person, Southside Mobile Home Park; Complainant advised that someone was inside the abandoned trailer, trailer appeared too secured, furniture was still inside and the lights were on. Negative contact with anyone.
  • Firearms Discharged at Tanglewood Drive; Complainant advised hearing 5 shots, negative contact with anyone in area.
  • Stolen Vehicle at Huddle House W. Spring Street; Complainant advised that his 2006 Gray BMW 530I was stolen by former girlfriend, vehicle returned.
  • Suspicious person, S. Broad Street at Chevron; W/M and a W/F inside the abandoned house. Subjects advised they were looking at the place to possibly rent, both warned of criminal trespass.
  • Speeding vehicle, Radford St., Complainant advised that a neighbor is driving too fast, spoke with both subjects, situation mediated.
  • Theft Report taken at S. Broad St., MPD lobby; Comp advised her daughter had her book bag stolen out of the ROTC office, report taken.
  • Loud Music Complaint Green Street; Complaining about music from vehicles.
  • Welfare Check on Walker Drive; Comp advised his grandson is on Meth and needs help, was advised to seek help.
  • Firearms Discharged at area of Page St.; Negative Contact with anyone in the area.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Meadowalk Drive; 2 juveniles in the area on motor bikes riding back and forth. Negative contact
  • Suspect, Pine Park: black male in the area with a bag of crack and marijuana, all units converged, but the male subject already left the area.
  • Medical call, Meadow Walk Drive; 21-year old female felt like harming herself, volunteered to be treated, EMS transported her to Clearview.
  • Loud Music Complaint @ Mathews Park; Large gathering, had a permit until 9:30, they were in the process of leaving the park. Cleared out.
  • Dispute, Gatewood Drive; Large Group of about 30 people in a dispute.  Subjects uncooperative on location yet advised the subject who caused the problem already left.
  • Report, S. Broad Street at MPD lobby; Complainant requested information to get her husband some help from VA due to his PTSD. Subject stated she was going to stay at her sister’s house.

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