Monroe PD Reports: Warrants taken on man for choking woman, throwing bleach on her

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between June 16 – 22, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Warrant Service, Roosevelt St., Complainant advised a Brandon Hunter was on location with an active warrant. The warrant was confirmed through dispatch for probation violation. Hunter was arrested and taken to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office jail.
  • Missing Juveniles, King St., mother advised her juvenile’s kids was not able to be located. Juveniles returned upon my arrival and had left riding bikes.
  • Dispute, Pine Park St., two subjects having a verbal dispute over eviction process. Situation mediated and both parties separated.
  • Agency Assist, Pierce St., in reference to meeting with DFCS to check on female subject who accused a male subject by name given of sexually assaulting her. Mom denied the allegations and stated it did not happen as she has accused people before of same situation. Female subject was sent off to Summit Ridge this morning.
  • Entering Auto, Walton Rd., Demarius Brown stated stereo equipment was stolen out of his Chevrolet Tahoe in Athens Georgia. Referred him to that jurisdiction to file a report.  Mr. Brown was arrested for Failure To Appear warrant out of Athens.
  • Suspicious Person, Pine Park St., in reference to two females involved in a verbal dispute with complainant about the shooting that occurred on a prior date. WCSO units on scene for an eviction sent the disputants off property.  Complainant advised they stated the other party will be back.
  • Trespassing, Baker St., in reference the property manager wanting female subject barred from the property.  Prohibited Entry served to female subject.
  • Theft report taken at South Broad St., Monroe Police Department in reference to complainant alleged someone broke into his home on East Spring St.,  Complainant stated someone stole his checkbook and wrote themselves a check for $75.  Check was deposited at Wells Fargo.
  • Harassment report taken at South Broad St., complainant advised she was being harassed by named female Complainant advised name female threatened to have her house broken into by her cousins.  Complainant requested a report and extra patrols at Reed Street.
  • Dispute, Radford St. Anonymous caller advised male and female disputing in the yard. Upon arrival all parties were inside cooking and were ok and no signs of an altercation.
  • Dispute, East Washington St., two people in a civil dispute over property. Advised of remedies.
  • Burglary in Progress, Reed Way. Caller advised he could hear someone crawling in his attic. Location checked with negative contact with anyone inside the home. Subject – named.
  • Juvenile Complaint, King St., mother advised that her son’s friend took a $20 dollar bill from her wallet that was in her dresser inside her residence.  Her son had let the friend inside the residence.  Attempted to make contact with the friend and his guardian at Carver Place.  Negative contact with anyone at the address.  No one in the area had any further information about the friend or his location.
  • Domestic, Chestnut Lane, Complaint stated she was in a black car out front of Chestnut Lane and the home owner was unfamiliar with any dispute.  Attempted to call the complaint back but was unsuccessful.
  • Domestic report taken at South Broad St., Monroe Police Department in reference to complainant wanted her money back that she paid for her insurance to her mother.  Complainant stated that the insurance is in her name and she added another name on the agreement that she pay her half.  Advised both parties that this is a civil issue and needed to be handled at the courts if they wished.
  • Traffic Stop on Davis Street and Ash Street.  In reference to driver stopped for no seat belt, citation issued for no seat belt, expired tag, and no insurance.  Vehicle was towed by towing company.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, White Oak Lane.  Complainant advised vehicle was leaving possibly going to Covington or Loganville.  Driver of 1993 Blue Buick Ga., named driver not licensed and on drugs with infant in vehicle.  Checked the area with negative contact.  Lookout given to WCSO, NCSO, CPD, LPD
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Sourwood Court.  Located a male on location messing with machinery.  Made contact with male subject.  Advised he was working late trying to finish new house for the residents to move in tomorrow.  Spoke to builder advised he was supposed to be on location.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Sporty Lane.  In reference to female subject being drunk outside her daughter’s apartment.  Juvenile on location who is 13 years old.  Did not want to let female subject in due to being loud.  Female subject did not want to go inside and would find a ride home.  Everything ok on location.
  • Dispute, Sporty Lane, Annette Thomas on location beating again on the front door.  She was arrest for DOC for being drunk and then kept pulled away from officers after arrested.
  • Domestic, Armistead Circle, complainant advised her boyfriend hit her on the left side of her face and right hip.  No noticeably visible injuries.  Complainant was intoxicated.  The boyfriend stated to officer that he never hit her and she was in fact yelling at him for not going outside and smoking with her.  Complainant’s sister and brother – in – law stated the same as the boyfriend and confirmed he never hit her.  Parties separated for the night
  • Domestic, West Creek Circle.  Two female subjects in a verbal argument over care of a child.  One subject wanted the other subject to leave the residence.  Advised of civil remedies and situation mediated
  • Dispute at Maple Place Townhomes, complainant stated named female subject was disputing with his brother.  Disputing parties not on location.
  • Burglary on Maples Street.  Tall black male on location kicking front door.  Negative contact with anyone on location.  Residence equipped with burglar bars and camera at the front door.  No signs of forced entry.
  • Domestic, Morrow St., mother in verbal dispute with her son after she woke him up trying to catch a mouse inside the residence. Parties Separated
  • Assault at Clearview Regional Medical in reference to a dispute that occurred last date on East Marable Street. Complainant advised named male subject poured bleach on her and chocked her with a baseball bat, not family violence. Warrant to be taken against male subject for Aggravated Assault
  • Juvenile Complaint, Nowell Street in reference to a 14-year old juvenile arguing with her mother over the 14 year-old’s child. Situation mediated.
  • Theft, Walton Street in reference theft of a black Lab. Complainant advised two black females stole her puppy from the yard. The puppy was behind a gate and complainant thinks the female took it. The puppy is described a 12 week black lab mixed with white on one of its foot and under his chin.
  • Warrant Service, East Marable Street in reference to male subject with an active warrant from the earlier call this date. Residence searched with negative contact.

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