Monroe remembers its mill history

Much of Monroe is steeped in the history of what was once its signature industry – the cotton mills. Buildings occupied and bustling with activity today still bear the design and history of the mills and the local industry’s heyday. Areas in town are still fondly referred to as the Mill Village and even the old Johnson Institute has been renovated and is now back as the Monroe County Day school teaching young students in the community.

If you were part of this period, or want to learn more about it and those who were, the Monroe Museum and the Monroe Country Day School are joining together from 2-4 pm on June 10 to celebrate the history of the mills.  Activities include tours of the Johnston Institute, displays of mill photographs, maps of the mill village, student presentations, and more!

If you have mill history you’d like to share?  The Monroe Museum will be conducting video interviews to capture this history to share with the community.

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