Monroe to vote on Brunch Bill that was approved by voters last month

On the ballot in last month elections in Monroe was a referendum on the Brunch Bill and it got a resounding “Yes” from voters. More than 66 % of voters elected to have alcoholic beverages allowed to be served in restaurants from 11 a.m. on a Sunday. Alcohol is currently only allowed to be served from noon. A first reading of the item is on the Monroe City Council Committee Work Session Agenda scheculed for Dec. 3. It is likely to have a second reading at the regular December City Council meeting the following week, Dec. 10, as is expected to go into effect immediately following that vote. Monroe restaurants will then be able to serve alcoholic beverages with Sunday brunch.

The full agenda for Tuesday’s meeting follows. It takes place at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall at 215 N. Broad St. in Monroe. The public is invited to attend.


1.      Roll Call

2.      City Administrator Update

3.      Central Services Update


1.      Finance

a.      Monthly Finance Report

2.      Airport

a.      Monthly Airport Report

b.      Ground Lease – Hangar Build Site 

3.      Public Works

a.      Monthly Solid Waste Report

b.      Monthly Streets & Transportation Report

c.       Traffic Calming Features – East Church Street and Davis Street

4.      Utilities

a.      Monthly Electric & Telecom Report

b.      Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas, & Stormwater Report

c.       Approval – Loganville Water Transmission Line

d.      Approval – Loganville Water Transmission Line Pump Station & Meter Vault

e.       Additional 30-inch Raw Water Main – Engineering Design Services

5.      Public Safety 

a.      Monthly Fire Report

b.      Monthly Police Report

c.       Approval – Out of State Training for Police

6.      Planning & Code

a.      Monthly Code Report

7.      Economic Development

a.      Monthly Economic Development Report

8.      Parks

a.      Monthly Parks Report


1.      Public Hearing Rezone / Annexation – 0 Hardwood Road 

2.      Public Hearing Variance – 310 North Madison Avenue

3.      Appointment – Library Board

4.      Appointments (3) – Downtown Development Authority & Convention & Visitors Bureau Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency

5.      Appointment – Planning Commission 

6.      Approval – 2020 Budget Resolution

7.      Adopt – 2020 Council Meeting Schedule


1.      Public Hearing – 2020 Budget All Funds  

2.      1st Reading – Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance Amendment


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