MPD Reports: A prosthetic leg comes in handy when you need to hide your crack pipe

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period 9 – 16, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Firearm – Davis St. In reference to a black male with a firearm threatening to shoot the complainant’s house. Negative contact. 

Lost item – Tanglewood Dr Apt A. In reference to lost wallet. 

Firearm – Davis St. Complainant contacted again and wanted officers to search area again. Negative contact. 

Firearm – Davis St. Complainant contacted again requesting officers to search the area again. Area checked, negative contact. 

Domestic Dispute – 6th St. In reference to husband and wife dispute. On scene, unable to determine primary aggressor due to lack of evidence and testimony. Parties separated and remedies advised. Report taken. 

Suspicious vehicle – Poplar Ct. – Two vehicles parked at the end of the street. Contact made with drivers of vehicles who were sent on their way. A third subject was located on the property. The third subject was taken home by Officer. Homeowner requested extra patrol due to this being an ongoing issue. 

Suspicious Person – S. Broad St. (Southside Park) in reference to two complainants observing a light- skinned male on a bicycle in front of their residence. 

Mental Patient – Green St. in reference to subject having a mental episode. Subject was turned over to EMS. 

Entering Auto – Cherokee Ave. in reference to two vehicles were entered. A wallet that contained $500 and a credit card was stolen. Finger prints were taken off of the vehicles. 

Entering Auto – S. Hammond Dr. in reference to a Toyota Rav 4 was entered and change was stolen out of the vehicle. Fingerprints were taken off of the vehicle. 

Trespassing – Poplar Ct.: In reference to 2 white males on property one wearing a blue shirt. Area checked. Negative contact. 

Other Law – Meadow Ct. In reference to an abandoned vehicle with no tag. The register owner no longer resides at this residence. Vehicle towed by Jay’s. 

Assault – E. Spring St. (Monroe Motor Inn) in reference to subject being in a physical altercation with suspect last date. 

Mental Person – W. Spring St. at Piedmont Walton in reference to subject having acting irate against staff. Situation mediated. 

Shoplifting – N. Broad St. (Golden Pantry): In reference to subjects coming into the store and grabbed fountain drinks and left without paying for the items. Complainant just wanted Law Enforcement to be aware of the incident. Declined a report at this time. 

Damage to Property – W. Spring St. (Walmart) in reference to complainant having her windshield damaged from her vehicle’s hood being unsecured while driving. 

Dispute – E. Church St. (Chestnut Cupboard) in reference to the complainant was not receiving his store credit after playing the machines. The complainant received his store credit upon the officer’s arrival. 

Entering Auto – Cherokee Ave.: In reference to a Honda Accord being broken into. Report made. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Lakeview Dr.: In reference to a white truck with trailer parked on complainant’s property. Situation mediated. 

Property Damage – Windsor Dr. in reference to damage to a mailbox. Complainant reported that her mailbox door lid was bent. 

Welfare Check – Spring Place and Harvest Lane in reference to a white male appearing to be passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. Contact with a vehicle made and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence – drug and possession of Methamphetamine. 

Warrant – W. Spring St. Officers Contacted by Department of Supervision who advised that a subject had Felony Warrants for Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes. Contact was made with the subject at Elite Storage and he was arrested on warrants and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Dispute -S. Broad Dollar General. Neighbors disputing from Wheel House lane. Primary aggressor unable to be identified. Extra patrol requested. us

Suspicious person – S Broad Walgreens – Complainant complained about a person on location asking for money. Spoke with the subject. The subject was sitting at Hardee’s using the internet. The subject was advised to leave the location. 

Juvenile Complaint) 838 Storehouse Ct; Complainant stated two juveniles were bullying her grandchildren. Area checked without making contact with the juveniles. 

Dispute – Harris St. Reference to subject on location and refusing to leave. Contact made with subject. Subject removed from residence and given a courtesy ride to family members house 

Dispute – W. Spring St. – Complainant called in stating that people were outside in the parking lot have a loud argument; complainant also stated that one of them crossed the street. parking lot of Haven Inn and Big Lots checked, negative contact. 

Juvenile Complaint – Home Depot. Group on location hanging out in cars, they were advised to leave and sent on their way. 

Traffic Stop – James Huff @ HWY 78; The female subject was arrested and charged with failure to maintain lane, DUI, possession of schedule II, possession of schedule IV, drugs to be kept in original container, possession of drug-related objects, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. A male subject was arrested for an outstanding parole violation warrant, original charge Homicide. He was later charged with possession of drug-related objects and contraband across the guard line after a crack pipe was located in his prosthetic leg. 

Suspicious Person – S. Madison Ave. In reference to subject wandering in the roadway. She was checked by EMS who said everything was OK. 

Loitering – Harry’s Marathon. Caller advised of a group of kids on location. They left prior to arrival. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Breedlove & Hampton. Vehicle on the side of the road. Driver had pulled over to make a phone call all 10-4. 

Suspicious Person – Felker Park. Reference Subject walking through park after hours. Subject using paths to walk home at Monroe Estates 

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