MPD Reports: Attempted arson arrest after suspect threatens and is found en route with gasoline canisters and rags

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 17 – 24, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suicide Threats – W Spring St in reference to a subject asking for help because he had suicidal thoughts and wanting to be transported to the hospital. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. 

Traffic Offense – S Broad St. Reference to a White Honda Accord stopped for failing to maintain lane. Further Investigation led to the arrest of the passenger for active arrest warrants 

Fight – Sorrells Street in reference to male and female fighting in the street. Subjects claimed they were play fighting and was not serious. 

Dispute – Elm Drive: In reference subject on location disputing with homeowner’s daughter over property. Subject was gone but I was able speak with him via telephone and resolve the issue. 

Theft – South Broad Street (Walton Security Storage): In reference to catalytic converter missing from 2 vehicles at the storage facility. Report made. 

Traffic Offense -E Spring St at Dairy Queen in reference to a Silver Chevrolet Tahoe stopped for a non- functioning headlight. Further investigation led to the arrest of a subject for active arrest warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

Dispute – Ash Ln: Reference to a woman stating that a named subject was on location with canisters of gasoline threatening to burn down the residence. Contact was made with the subject walking carrying two improvised canisters of gasoline with rags as wicks. Further investigation led to the arrest of the subject for Criminal Attempt to Commit Arson 1st degree. 

Dispute – S Broad St in reference to two dubjects verbally disputing over a video game. Parties 

Warrant Attempt – Masters Dr: Reference to call #15 while entering a subject into a report, it was discovered he had active arrest warrants out of Walton County. Contact made with the subject at the residence and he was taken into custody and turned over to WCSO.

Other Law – S Madison Ave Apt A in reference to complainant requesting assistance making entrance into her residence due to being locked out. Remedies advised. 

Flag Down – Downtown. Subject in the middle of North Broad flagging down officer. Stated he wanted to thank MPD and extend Christmas wishes. He was thanked and sent on his way. 

Fraud – Turner St;. In reference to the complainant, reported an unknown person using her name to get medications. Report was made and remedies were advised. 

Domestic Dispute – Wheelhouse Ln;. In reference to mother and daughter arguing over chores. Remedies were advised and both parties mediated. No report needed. 

Traffic Stop -Carwood & West Spring. Vehicle was stopped for a seat belt violation. During investigation the driver was taken into custody and turned over to Joint Ops instead of the charges. Report taken. 

Missing Person – Highschool Ave. In reference to a female subject missing since 12/20/2020. CID notified and report was made. 

Citizen Flag Down – East Church Street at Pilot Park. In reference to a dog tied to the fence. Owner was found playing on the playground. All was ok. 

Suspicious Person – Breedlove Dr. Ridge View – In reference to subject walking out of the facility and refusing treatment. Subject did not have a signed mental health order and was allowed to leave after proper paperwork was signed. 

Disturbing the Peace – W Spring St. McDonalds. In reference to trucks in the parking lot revving their engines making it difficult for customers to order their food in the drive-thru line. No vehicles in the parking lot were revving their engines upon police arrival. All ok. 

Child Custody – Fawnfield Dr. In reference to the father of his 16-year-old daughter is en route to pickup the child, who is refusing to go. Situation mediated. 

Shots Fired – E Church St. Jack Peters. In reference to a truck that drove by and shot at the complainant with a BB gun. Complainant advised that the truck is now gone unknown DOT. Another complainant called and was following the suspects. Two were taken into custody for aggravated assault and one admitted to being the suspect in case. Additional warrant taken on him. 

Shots Fired – G.W. Carver Dr at Green St. In reference to the complainant advising that they heard multiple shots in the area of Green St. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Prowler Report – Bridgeport Ln. In reference to the complainant advising that there is someone ringing their doorbell and knocking on the front door. It was the caller’s granddaughter. Everything ok. 

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