MPD Reports: Bike stolen by supposed buyer during test drive; man chases another with sword in hand; dispute over who is sleeping in which bed

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 19 – 26, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Walker Dr- Male and female subjects disputing in regards to rental agreements. Report taken. Situation mediated and parties separated.
  • Civil Issue – Walker Dr- Female subject from the call above stating she wants a bed that the male is currently sleeping on. Civil process advised.
  • Mechanical Breakdown – East Spring Street, Bryant Road- Vehicle ran out of gas. Vehicle was pushed to the BP gas station and refilled.
  • Suicidal Threats – Georgia Ave, – Female subject had an anxiety attack and started making suicidal threats. She was stable upon the officer’s arrival. She was then turned over to EMS.
  • Dispute – N. Broad St.- A dispute over payment for work between two male subject. A third party called in after both parties were separated and advised that the one had chased the other with a sword in hand. He was arrested for disorderly conduct city ordinance, while transporting to Walton County Jail he damaged officer’s vehicle as well as intentionally vomited in the back.
  • Fatality Accident – Hwy 138 -Two vehicles, one fatality. TOT GSP. Next of kin notified.
  • Stolen Vehicle Report – Towler St- Red in color dirt bike stolen when supposed buyer asked to test ride it. Report Taken.
  • Found Property – Wall Road – In reference to a male subject finding a wallet belonging to a female subject. She was contacted, and property was returned.
  • Suspicious person – Breedlove Dr & McDaniel St: In reference to female and small child asking for money and diapers. Subject was provided with remedies and asked to leave the location.
  • Damage Property – Southside Park – In reference to a vehicle reversing into another car. Minimal damage report taken.
  • Dispute Non-Violent – Sorrel St. In Reference to two female subjects disputing on Facebook. Civil procedure advised to both parties.
  • Follow Up – Blaine Street – In reference to a dispute that occurred last date. Subject was advised of civil remedies.
  • Mental Health – Eagles Trail. In reference to department of behavioral health wanting an officer to stand by during an evaluation. All ok and patient not transported.
  • Fraud – Blaine Street – Female subject reported that in 2021 a fraudulent credit card was opened up in her name associated with the address at Tall Oaks West. She request a report in order to get the card taken off her credit report.
  • Other Law – MPD. In reference to a female subject asking questions about a residence and a vehicle. She was advised of the civil process.
  • Property Damage – Dean Street in reference to someone slashed the complainant’s tires on Washington Street.
  • Scam – Blaine Street- In reference to the occupants of Plaza Drive advising that a named female subject is still using the address to scam people out of money. No victims have come forward at this time.
  • Area Check – W Spring St: Piedmont Walton: In reference to a white female who left the ER with an IV in her arm.
  • Theft Report) MPD. Female subject reported a firearm being stolen from her vehicle on 10/20/23. Possible male subject named. Report taken and firearm entered.
  • Suspicious Person – Glen Iris/Edwards Street – In reference to a female subject laying on the sidewalk. She was advised to go home for the evening.
  • Civil issue – Pine Park St, – In reference to a male subject wanting to collect his property from the residence. Situation mediated, remedies advised.
  • Loitering – W Spring St; Dollar Tree – In reference to approximately 20 vehicles having a “truck meet up.” The Event was not permitted and participants were asked to leave.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Southside – In reference to an anonymous caller reporting a phone being stolen. No victim or suspect could be identified. All ok on location.
  • Noise Complaint – High School Ave – Children with parents playing in the park. Parents were informed of park hours and left upon officer request. All OK.
  • Discharging Firearms – Walker Drive. Complainant called due to hearing two gun shots in the area. Officers checked the area and the surrounding roadways, no contact was made with any subject and no further shots were heard.
  • Traffic Stop – Spring St / Felker St – In reference to a white Ford F-150 observed failing to maintain lane. Vehicle was ran through GCIC via Dispatch and returned being stolen out of Woodstock PD. It was confirmed through Woodstock who requested a hold be placed. The Vehicle was impounded and removed from the scene by Taylors. Report taken.
  • Loud Music – Ridge Rd; – In reference to loud music being heard through the walls. Residents were advised to turn down the bass. All ok on location.
  • Other Law – Atha St – In reference to the complainant advising that someone was yelling for help on the railroad tracks. Area check conducted on foot on the tracks and of the surrounding street, with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – MLK, Jr. Blvd; Applebee’s – In reference to two individuals sleeping in their vehicles. Both were intoxicated. A ride was called to take them home.
  • Traffic Stop – Cook Street in reference to a vehicle brake light was not working. The driver was placed under arrest for driving without a license and the owner of the vehicle was given a citation for permitting unlicensed person to drive.
  • Reckless Driving – Mayfield and N. Broad St – Area checked by officer. Negative contact in the area. All ok on location.
  • Dispute – Bridgeport PL – In reference to a male subject burning a fire in his yard. Ashes from the fire ignited a small fire in the yard of a nearby residence. MFD cleared the fire and all ok on location.
  • Suspicious Person – Pinecrest Dr. – I got out with a male subject on Pinecrest Dr. He advised he was out on a jog and did not mind providing his ID. All was ok!

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