MPD Reports: Customer threatens cashier with gun over mistake on gas pumps; firearm taken from unlocked vehicle

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 21 – 28, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Hit & Run – West Spring Street and Bankers Ave; In reference to a hit and run involving a silver F-150 vs a black Tahoe. The silver F-150 was gone when officers arrived.
  • Illegal Parking – Colley Street and Davis Street; In reference to a Black Cherokee Illegally parked. Made contact with the owner, who moved the vehicle.
  • Dispute – East Church Street @ Chestnut Cupboard; In Reference to A customer with a specific street nickname threatened the cashier with a gun over a mistake on the gas pumps. The subject was gone when officers arrived, report made.
  • Dispute Non Violent – Towler St In reference to neighbors shouting. All okay on location.
  • Suspicious Person – Hwy 138 at Great Oaks Dr- Male subject was sleeping on the side of Hwy 138. He was fine and didn’t need any medical assistance. Subject was sent on his way.
  • Welfare Check – 4th St.; In reference to a a female subject needing EMS assistance for seizures, and was transported to Piedmont Walton. EMS advised of child on location in poor conditions and no guardian besides the female who bought her in. Scene was turned over to DFCS.
  • Suspicious vehicle – E Church St & Poplar Ct: In reference to the complainant advising of a green SUV aggressively driving and trying to hit the complainant. The incident happened in the County and County was advised.
  • Suspicious vehicle – W Spring St at Pinecrest Dr. In reference to a vehicle failing to maintain a lane. A traffic stop was conducted, all ok, the subject was driving tired from a job site in Hartwell, GA.
  • Suspicious Person – Walmart – In reference to a female subject being approached by two subjects while shopping asking her to buy them shoes for work. Negative contact.
  • Illegal Dumping – Maple Ln- Reference someone who drove by threw trash out of the window. Some of the trash was a torn up wet piece of mail. Complainant just wanted to notify the police of the incident.
  • Shoplifting – E Spring St: In reference to the complainant advising a named male subject was on location, taking items from the store. He was confronted by the clerk and gave back all items taken. The complainant did not wish to prosecute.
  • Agency Assist – North Cherokee, SC In reference to deploying K9 Demon for SCPD
  • Traffic stop -Unisia Dr/Truckstop: In reference to a named subject driving on a suspended license. He was placed under arrest and released on a copy of citation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Arby’s West Spring – The vehicle was a vehicle that was sent out as vehicle of interest that a named Investigator had sent out. The investigator asked to have the vehicle and occupants ID and send it to him. All information was forwarded to the Investigator.
  • EMS Assist – Baker Street in reference to an older lady who could not get out of bed to let EMS in. Property manager was able to unlock the door. Turned over to EMS
  • Area Check – Stone Creek Drive. In reference to a report of a book bag left in front of the neighborhood. Bookbag with misc. trash inside. The bookbag was disposed of.
  • Damage to Property – Ridge Rd- Vehicle struck in the parking lot. At fault vehicle left the scene but did return. GEARS.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Carwood Drive – In reference to the complainant advising of a white pickup truck speeding. Officer patrolled the area and had negative contact.
  • Wanted Person – A named wanted subject was observed exiting a brown in color Honda passenger car. The subject had felony probation violation warrants out of Athens Clarke Count, contact was made with him and he was taken into custody without incident.
  • Missing/wanted Person – Ridgeview. Named male subject on location. The subject is reported missing and wanted from Cobb County. Cobb County was notified and given contact information for Ridgeview. The subject is under 10-13 order and unable to be arrested at this time.
  • Entering Auto – Armistead Cir- In reference to a firearm that was taken from an unlocked vehicle between the hours of 20:00 last date and 11:43 this date. Report taken.

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