MPD Reports: EMS assist for man ‘huffing’ compressed air duster; duffle bag with rotting meat; hit and run at Hwy 138 and Michael Etchison Road

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 24 – July 1, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Warrant Service – Atha Street. A male subject was arrested at his residence for Walton County Sheriff’s Office warrants following a warrant service attempt on another subject who is wanted by Oconee County for felony terroristic threats. 

Damage To Property – Brown Oil. The complainant reported spray paint on one of the business vehicles overnight. 

Found Property – W. Highland Ave. & W. Spring St.- In reference to the complainant advising she found a duffle bag on the other side of the wall that had flies on it with a very bad smell. The duffle bag was opened and in the bag was several packages of rotten meat. City works was notified and requested to come dispose of the bag. 

Entering Auto – Baron Drive Houin Ditto reported at approximately 12:00 Hours he walked out to his car which was parked in his front driveway. He noticed that when he got to the car, the front driver side door was slightly ajar. He had no time frame of when the entering occurred. He also had no suspects. He believes that there was some personal paperwork removed from the vehicle, but he wasn’t completely certain. The next-door neighbor who resides at Apt A has an ADT camera on the front door. I requested them to review the video and if they could see a suspect to call back up to the police department, so I could do a follow up investigation. Complainant was given a case card. 

EMS Assist – CVS: A named subject was on scene “huffing” compressed air duster. Denied medical attention. states he huffs (1) can per week. 

Theft Report – N. Broad St.- In reference to the complainant stating he paid a named subject $2,900 to reupholster his vehicles interior over a year ago and hasn’t received his vehicles interior back. The complainant also stated he can no longer get in contact with the subject. Civil remedies were advised. 

Found Property – Felker St. Caller advised he located a book bag in his trash can that he thought contained a foul smell. The bag only had fishing gear in it. I did not have anything foul in it. 

Fight – Herritage Ct. Mental patient on location walking in the middle of the street arguing with his caretaker. Subject was turned over to the house nurse. 

Suicidal Threats – Green St. Met with complainant. She advised she was not wanting to harm herself; she was just tired of disputing with her cousin, who lived there but was across the street. 

Hit & Run – Hwy 138 at Michael Etchison Rd. – Involving a 50cc moped and an unknown make/model Black SUV. No GEARS report completed due to insufficient information on the moped or suspect vehicle. Spillman report taken. 

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