MPD Reports: Entering auto, burglary and damage to property reports

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 17 – 24, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Theft report – Magnolia St. and Davis St. Complainant reports a battery taken out of her vehicle. A report was made, area was searched for a subject but had negative contact. 

Scam Calls – Atha St. Complainant reported receiving a scam call about an unknown person having her daughters’ social security number. Complainant advised not to give out any information and credit check references. 

Assault Report – Carwood Dr. – In reference complainant was assaulted by his neighbor last date. Report taken. 

Harassment – South Broad St., MPD. Report of harassment through social media. Complainant advised to block offending parties and call 911. 

Drag Racing – Eagles Tr In reference to vehicle(s) laying drag on Eagles Tr/Baron Dr. Complainant was concerned due to children in the area. Area checked, negative contact. All appears ok. 

Animal Complaint – GW Carver Dr. In reference to a small K9 running around in someone’s yard. Complainant was in Susie’s wings parking lot trying to catch her K9 that was running in out of the roadway. K9 came back to the complainant. All ok. 

Dispute – Green St. In reference to subjects on scene harassing the complainant. Complainant advised he gave a female that he talks to $5.00 to get something. Complainant advised that she did not use it to buy the item. Remedies advised. 

Fraud – W Spring St. Walmart. In reference to complainants’ Ex attempting to scam it out of money with a Money Gram. A report was made for informational purposes only. 

Suicide Threats – Cook Pl and Maple Ln; Complainant advised her boyfriend texted her stating that he was going to drive his car off a bridge. Contact was made with the subject and he advised he did not want to hurt himself or anyone. All ok 

Child Abuse – Mountain View Dr. In reference to the complainant’s 13-year-old nephew advising his mother was trying to abuse him. Complainant advised that her sister was going to beat her son because he did not complete his school assignments. Complainant did not have any visible marks or bruising and was advised that he would need to return back to the residence with his mother. Complainant stated that she contacted the police before any incident occurred. 

Dispute – S Madison Ave. In reference to two subjects verbally disputing over relationship issues. Subjects came up with remedies with officers’ present. All ok. 

Burglary attempt – Booth Dr. In reference to complainant reporting that someone tried to break into her house. Report taken. 

Burglary report – Oak St. in reference to the residence being broken into, and a playstation 4 stolen from living room. Complainants were given case number and advised remedies. 

Entering auto – Lanuis Ave. 2 unlocked vehicles entered, report taken. 

Entering Auto – Mayfield Dr., Lead foot Diesel. In reference to several vehicles entered over the night. unknown if anything was taken. 

Damage to Property – Davis Street Complainant reported the telephone box on the side of her residence open and her phone was not working. No signs of damage or forced entry to the box was observed. 

Dispute – Glen Iris Drive. Complainant reported his landlord harassing him. Landlord was advised to leave complainant alone. Complainant is being evicted from the residence. Situation mediated. 

EMS assist – South Hammond Dr. and Russell Dr. Ref to a county employee on a riding lawnmower rolling over and falling in to the creek by courthouse. Turned over to EMS, MUN responded with a Gradall to lift mower out of creek. 

Fraud – East Marable St. William Wages reported an unknown person taking out a credit card in his name. Report taken. 

Entering auto – Launius Ave. In reference to a vehicle being entered overnight. Nothing was stolen out of the vehicle. Report taken. 

Damage to Property – South Madison Ave. Complainant reported the back drivers side glass of her vehicle broken. Report taken. 

Damage to property – South Broad St., MPD. In reference to complainant reported that someone hit his vehicle. James was not sure where it occurred, but want to file a report. 

Other law – Pannell Rd. Complainant reports dust from airport construction covering house. Advised of remedies. 

Assault – Alcovy St. Complainant reported that a subject assaulted her on July 3, 2020. Report taken. 

Threats – GW Carver Dr. In reference to a male, who drove by the complainant’s residence and stated he was going to shoot up her residence. Complainant advised that there was no third-party witness or recording of the threat that subject made. 

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