MPD Reports: Explicit/nude photos posted online; mother arrested for drugs after son stopped for traffic violation; stolen vehicles and domestic disputes

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period April 20 – 27, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Traffic Stop/ Arrest – Union Street @ Stowers St; In reference to stopping a white Honda CR-V driven by a named female subject. She was arrested on outstanding warrants and the vehicle was turned over to Taylor’s.
  • Other Law – East Spring St @ Dollar General; Manager advised a lady did not pay for item at self- checkout. Subject was gone on arrival.
  • Wanted Person – Alcovy St @ Probation; In reference to a named subject on location. Warrant in hand.
  • Roadway Obstruction – Hwy 78 @ Hwy 11; In reference to a log in the roadway. Roadway cleared.
  • Dispute – Mobley Circle; In reference to a female stating she needs someone removed from her residence and then hanging up. Female advised all okay did not need assistance.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 78 East @ Marable Bridge; Male subject stopped for multiple traffic violations. A search of the rented vehicle found the subject and his mother to be in possession of marijuana. Both consented to a search of their persons and the mother was found to have 2 plastic bags of cocaine on her person along with a cut straw. The son was cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and his mother was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, possession of schedule II narcotic and possession of drug-related objects. She was turned over to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Harassment – Monroe Police Department; Female came in make a report of another person posting explicit photos of her on facebook after going back and forth with the subject over social media.
  • Wanted Subjects – Alcovy St; – In reference to two subjects on location with outstanding warrants. Transported to Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Harassment – Monroe Police Department; Male subject called in reference to information about harassing communications. Remedies advised, and report taken.
  • Dispute-Violent – East Washington St; In reference to 14-year-old complainant calling stating his mother hit him with a baseball bat and his 18-year-old brother punched him in the face. Insufficient probable cause to affect an arrest, situation mediated and parties were separated.
  • Welfare Check – Towler Street In reference to Northside Cardiovascular Center advising subject on location has defibrillator going off and unable to make contact. Contact made with patient, subject was transported to Piedmont Walton
  • Dispute – Towler Street, Camptown Gardens- Report of a fight at a block party being held. Conducted a foot patrol in the area. No signs of dispute.
  • Damage to Property – E Church Street, Amicis- Complainant called about damage to his vehicle in parking lot. Report taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Forrest St in reference to 14 and 16 year old arguing. Report taken Parental responsibilities were explained.
  • Theft Report – Walmart. In reference to medications taken from a vehicle. Report Taken.
  • Suspicious vehicle – High School Ave: In reference to the complainant advising a white Toyota Tacoma has been on location since 1730. Owner of the vehicle was contacted and advised they were located inside the On Stage Playhouse.
  • Dispute – W Spring St; Piedmont Walton: In reference to a 10-13 patient attempting to escape. Security was able to gain control of subject.
  • Stolen Vehicle – White Oak Drive- Complainant found his vehicle stolen from driveway, possibly by a family member. Vehicle has been listed on FLOCK and GCIC. Report taken.
  • Traffic Stop – City Hall. Vehicle stopped for obscured tag and odor of marijuana. Passenger was placed under arrest for possession of Sch II, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and drugs to be kept in original container.
  • Civil Issue – West Fambrough: Male subject wished to have another male subject criminally trespassed from his residence. He was advised of the CT and sent on his way.
  • Civil issue – Chestnut Ln: In reference to the female complainant advising a male subject was keeping her awake and wanted him to leave. She was explained the Eviction process and remedies were advised. He voluntarily left the residence for the night.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Carwood Dr- Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle was a totaled Honda Accord in reference to a previous hit-and-run case. The car was impounded and evidence was logged away accordingly. A supplementary report was added to the original case.
  • Hit and Run – Hwy 78; Waffle House: In reference to the complainant advising her vehicle was struck by a white pickup truck between Hog Mountain Rd and Choice Johnson Rd. Oconee Co. was notified.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – E Church Street, Chevron- Van parked in the corner of the parking lot. Unoccupied and no signs of narcotics.
  • Other law – Plaza Trc; Country grove Apts: In reference to the complainant advising His lights were turned off in his residence when he returned home and did not turn them off when he left. By the owner’s consent, the residence was cleared and all appeared ok.
  • Unknown Law – HWY 138 at West Spring Street in reference to male subject sleeping at the wheel in the roadway. Subject was gone when officers arrived
  • Stolen Vehicle – GW Carver -In reference to the complainant stating her sister parked her vehicle at the residence before she went out of town last date. The complainant stated that the vehicle was taken sometime during the night. Report taken. Car listed on GCIC.
  • Road Rage – HWY 78 at Spring Street in reference to a Mustang brake checking the complainant. The driver of the Mustang thought the other vehicle hit him and was trying to leave.
  • Other Law – S. Broad St – In reference to the caller finding the rear door to her trailer opened. No signs of entry, door does not shut properly.
  • Shoplifting – West Spring in reference to a female in custody for shoplifting. Female subject was fingerprinted and released on a citation.
  • Disturbing peace – West Spring Street in reference to a male subject refusing to leave. Subject left the scene after Officer Arrival.
  • Shoplifting – Walmart- In reference to a female subject stealing $93 worth of merchandise.
  • Harassment – Ridge Road – In reference to the caller having nude photos of herself posted online. Report taken.

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