MPD Reports: FISH food supplies spoiled due to fuel theft from refrigerator trailer

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period 9 – 16, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fifth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Entering Auto – Radford St. Lavivian Bridges advises nothing taken from vehicle but a bike was taken from yard. 

Entering auto -Mill St. Benjamin Cash reports top cut into soft top jeep wrangler. Nothing taken. 

Entering Auto) at 411 S. Madison Ave. Two unlocked vehicles on location entered and rummaged through. 20M010589 

8. 34909:20 Hours (Juvenile Complaint) at 1309 South Broad St. Ref to juveniles on bikes. Area searched with negative contact. 

9. 34609:32 Hours (Found Property) at South Madison Ave. at Mears St. Pink bicycle found in bushes by railroad tracks, turned into evidence as found property/safe keeping. 

Lost item – W.Spring St., Walmart. Ref to a cell phone left on a self-check out. Report was taken and case number was given. Will follow when a manger arrives for footage. 

Suspicious person – S. Madison Ave. Dispute over ID for tobacco sale. Subjects were gone prior to officers’ arrival. 

Dispute -Ridge Rd. Complainant wanted her daughter criminally trespassed from the property. Daughter refused to sign her warning. Left the property. 

Follow up – Spring Place. Complainant complaining about speeding in the area of McDaniel St. Entering auto – Mill St. Nothing taken from unlocked vehicle. 

Mental Patient – W. Spring St. Subject on location causing a disturbance. Subject has mental issues and was sent on his way after officers were unable to figure out a valid address or caretaker for subject. 

Theft Report – S. Madison Ave., FISH. Fuel taken from a refrigerated semi-trailer, causing pallets of food to go bad. 

Suspicious Person – Davis St. Terrance Brewer on location. Sent on his way. 

Harassment – Spruce Ln. In reference to female in neighborhood harassing complainant. Verbal dispute between neighbors, remedies advised. All ok. 

Animal complaint) at 2050 W Spring St. Walmart. In reference to two K9’s in vehicle with windows cracked. Vehicle was running with the AC on. Turned over to the owner. All ok 

Suspicious person – S Broad St. In reference to a white male pacing back and forth behind the store. Spoke to male subject behind the Chevron and he advised that everything was ok. He stated that he just got off from work and was on the phone with a friend. He also stated that he currently resides at the Deer Acres Inn. 

Entering Auto – E Church St. In reference to an entering auto that occurred throughout the night. Complainant advised he left his vehicle unlocked. Complainant advised he was not going to file a report until he observed a knife in the backseat that is not his and was not there before. The knife was turned into evidence and report taken. 

Threats – Plaza Dr Apt A. In reference to threats made over the phone. Complainant advised that he was in a dispute with his son-in-law who lives in North Carolina over the phone. Remedies given. All ok at time of the call. 

Dispute – Lacy St. In reference to dispute between spouses. Physical altercation between a subject and her wife/victim. Warrant taken. 

911 Hang-up -S. Broad St. In reference to forged prescriptions. Subject was gone when officers arrived. Written prescriptions placed in evidence. 

Dispute – Highway 78. Waffle House. In reference to customers refusing to leave. Complainant advised customers left before police arrived. 

Disturbance – Lacy St. In reference to a large crowd of people being loud and disrespectful. All ok. 

Suspicious person – Sorrells St at Booth Dr. – Subject was observed walking in the area. Due to the amount of entering autos in the City he was stopped and spoke to. He was wearing a red shirt, black sweatpants, and black shoes. He stated he was walking from Cook Place to Booth Street. 

Entering auto – S. Madison Ave. Complainant reported her unlocked vehicle entered and $120.00 taken. Theft report – W. Creek Cir. Two bicycles stolen overnight off porch. Report taken. 

Damage to Property – S. Broad St., The Walton Cotton Mill Co. Ref to a streetlight hit by vehicle overnight. 

Harassing calls – Carver Pl. Complainant reported an ex friend would not stop contacting her. Report taken. 

Agency assist – N. Broad St. and Wells Fargo ATM. GSP requesting second unit for vehicle search, all ok. 

Damage to Prop – G.W. Carver Dr., George Walton Homes. 7 parked cars sprayed with hydraulic fluid from garbage truck after a hydraulic line failure. 

Dispute – W. Spring St., Captain D’s. Ref to two customers arguing. Subjects were gone when officers arrived, all ok. 

Other Law – Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview. Patient being treated for homicidal thoughts. Ridgeview is releasing Gregory this date to his residence in Cobb County, even though he is still having thoughts. Ridgeview was advised to contact Cobb County and they stated they had. 

911 Hang up – N. Broad St. Ref to a med call about subject. He was transported to Piedmont per his request. 

Shoplifting – W. Spring St., Walmart. Subject arrested and released from PD after fingerprinting. 

Shoplifting – Walmart. – A female subject was caught shoplift. She was brought to the PD where she was released on copy. 

Damage To Property – N. Broad St. at Hwy 78. In reference to a blue mini cooper. Subject advised a log flew from the tree service and struck his vehicle. Report taken. 

Stolen vehicle – Plaza Dr, 430C. In reference to 2015 blue Chrysler. Vehicle was reposed by the finance company. 

Dispute – S. Madison Ave. In reference to a male who refused to leave the residence. 

Animal complaint – Bridgeport Pl. In reference to K9’s running in the neighborhood. Turned over to Animal Control. 

Disturbance – Plaza Trc. In reference to loud music and slamming doors. Area checked all ok. 

Dispute – E Church St. Jack Peters. Verbal dispute involving multiple parties. Parties separated prior to arrival. All ok. 

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