MPD Reports: Gunshots reports, road rage and ‘schizophrenic’ attack on children

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between May 4 – 11, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Firearms Discharged at E. Church Street and Felker St; area checked with negative contact
  • Suspicious Person at Walmart; older white male with a cane in traffic, given a ride home.
  • Suspicious Person at Breedlove Drive; White Honda ran a red light vehicle located at Club side Estates parked, negative contact with driver.
  • Dispute at Engine Room; Comp advised that female subject was being held down, female was intoxicated guest that was throwing up, all ok.
  • Dispute at E. Washington Street. Subjects fighting report taken.
  • Firearms Discharged at Sporty Ln;  Comp advised hearing arguing in the area, then heard shotgun discharged and handgun shots, other residents only heard shots no arguing.  Checked area, negative contact.
  • Subject with a Gun at Pine Park Street; Complainant advised that a guy named Mason brandished a firearm after they exchanged rival “gang” words.  Thomas not very cooperative, report made.  Checked area, nobody on Lacy Street at the time confirmed to be Mason or know anything.
  • Dispute at Hammond Park; complainant having problem with grandparents, given a ride home.
  • Dispute at Green Street; Complainant took $65 from girlfriend, later returned, all ok.
  • Craigory Towler arrested for a warrant through Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Dispute at Haven Inn / W. Spring St., Subject on location disputing with the clerk.  All ok.
  • Dispute at Baker Street, / Walton Village Apts., Complainant stated that she was being bullied.  Incident occurred in April.  Report requested for eviction purposes.  All ok.
  •  Follow up at WCSO, Female requested a ride to an address on Michael Etchison Spur to retrieve property.  Address is located in the county.  Turned over to WCSO.
  • Threats at MPD, Complainant stated that a neighbor looked at her in an aggressive manner.  She was advised of remedies.
  • Theft of Services at Milledge Ave / Dreamworks Auto, Owner had questions regarding a vehicle that was left on location for over a year.  He was advised of civil remedies.  All ok.
  • Dispute at Turner St., Complainant and his baby’s mother were arguing over an apartment key.  Situation mediated. Parties separated.
  • Suicide Attempt at Norris St., Subject hung himself in the bathroom.  Female cut him down.  EMS transported him to Clearview.  Scene TOT CID.
  • Damage to property at Hammond Park, Damage was old.  All ok.
  • Domestic at Mobley Circle and Felker Street.  Subjects talking loud in the front yard.  Everything ok on location not a domestic.
  • Traffic Complainant at South Broad and Alcovy Street due to the light not cycling.  All vehicles treating it correctly DOT notified and responding to scene.
  • Dispute at Heritage Trace.  Complainant advised he was struck with a baseball bat by male.  Complainant was not on scene and elderly male advised still need mental help but refuses to get help.
  • Road Rage on Hwy 78 coming into the city from Loganville called in 3rd party stated they say a white pickup and a black passenger car being aggressive and thought they saw a gun being pulled.  Negative contact with the vehicles.
  • Burglary Harris Street.  Complainant realized while I was in route the city had disconnected the gas main and rescheduling the house to be demolished.  He said he was never contact by the city and a number to the City Marshall was provided to him so he can make contact with him.  Complainant declined a report being filed.
  • Domestic at Taco Bell.  Reference a female throwing a drink and her baby father and his girlfriend vehicle.  Victim did not want a report.  Officer explained the TPO process both.
  • Domestic at King Street Reference to a female wanting to leave, but her girlfriend did not want her to.  Nothing physical.
  • Wanted Person at Pine Park Street in reference to Dexter Himson with Armed Robbery warrants. Arrested Dexter without incident.
  • Domestic at Tanglewood drive.  Reference a subject having a schizophrenic episode and attacked several children in the area.  Subject was then assaulted by “gang members” per the complainant and fled into the woods.  Officers attempted to locate subject in the woods on foot with no luck.  Report taken
  • Suspicious Person at Wal-Mart reference a white male in a truck looking at the complainant “funny”.  Area checked negative contact.
  • Assist Citizen at Walmart Reference a female wanting to know if we had a mentoring program.  Advised to call the main office.
  • Drugs at Deer Acres Inn in reference to Steven Broah, Christian Wright, and James Johnson being arrested charged with Poss. Of Schedule 4, 3 and 2 drugs and drug related objects.  The on duty officers assisted with transporting.

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