MPD Reports: Hit and run, suicide attempt and slew of domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 9 – 16, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fifth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Tanglewood Drive. Complainant reported subject on location in violation of a Temporary Protection Order. Warrants taken on him for aggravated stalking.

Follow Up – Tanglewood Drive. Subject arrived back on location and was arrested without incident. Supplemental report for arrest completed under original case.

Theft – Clubside Dr: In reference to an appliance missing from a residence that is still under construction. Complainant needed a report for insurance purposes.

Suspicious Vehicle – West Spring Street in reference to a young w/m on location causing a disturbance. Contact made with 17-year-old with trash scattered. He cleaned up his trash and escorted off the property.

Disturbing the Peace – Gliding Lane in reference to two subjects verbally disputing over earlier incident and a motorcycle battery. Both subjects were intoxicated and advised to stay separate for the night.

Dispute – W Creek Cir, intoxicated female on location causing issues, subjects wanted the female to leave. The subject left with a family member without incident. All ok on location

Suicide Attempt – West Spring St. Subject allegedly consumed fourteen (14) Loritab pills. She denied this, however, she was extremely intoxicated from imbibing alcohol. Turned over to EMS.

Fight – South Broad St. Verbal dispute between two parties. Situation mediated.

Traffic Stop – A female subject was stopped in front of 104 Baker St for littering. She had an active warrant from Spalding Co for a probation violation (OC Methamphetamine) Warrant was confirmed and she was transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office without incident.

Dispute – S Madison Ave. Verbal dispute was heard by neighbor. Contact was made with subject and his mother. All was ok on location; subject was yelling at his girlfriend while talking to her on the phone. No violent altercation occurred on location; Girlfriend was also not on location.

Juvenile Complaint – Towler St in reference to juvenile was refusing to go to school.

Traffic Offense – Highway 78 EB @ Jim Daws: A male subject was arrested for (2) active Aggravated Assault warrants following a traffic stop for following too closely.

Theft. – In reference to, complainant reporting that his catalytic converter was stolen off his van he had towed to a shop on Hubbard St. Report taken.

Assault – Felker Park – Two parties were in a physical dispute in a vehicle. Complainant stated that subject struck him in the face so he exited the vehicle. Subject took the vehicle from the scene. The two parties are not in a domesticated relationship. Complainant did not wish to press charges.

Hit and Run – West Spring/Wayne Street – in reference to a male subject accidentally hit another vehicle and did not realize it. When the other driver attempted to advise the male subject that he hit him, the male subject pointed a pistol at him. He was charged accordingly. Report made.

Traffic Stop – North Broad St @ Perry St: A subject was arrested for an outstanding probation violation warrant following a traffic stop for wipers on headlights on. The subject was transported to Walton County Jail without incident.

Civil Issue – Shamrock Dr. In reference to a female subject being highly intoxicated and wanting her car keys. Situation mediated.

Shoplifting – a black male subject attempting to steal several items. The male fled the store when confronted leaving all the items behind. Report taken.

Domestic Dispute – Booth Dr. In Reference to complainant stating that she was in a dispute with her boyfriend who shoved her on the bed. Civil remedies advised.

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