MPD Reports: Juvenile issue requiring hospitalizing for injuries after breaking windows; juveniles arrested in stolen vehicle after chase; man clocked at 102 mph arrested for DUI

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 28 – April 4, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle – N. Broad St.; Waffle House – In reference to a black man in a black hoody who flashed his privates to patrons. The subject was gone when officers arrived, last seen in a silver Nissan with partial Tag # 565. The officer stopped the vehicle, but the complainant did not want to press charges, so they were sent on their way.
  • Runaway Juvenile – S Broad St; – Reference to call 9 and 16. Juvenile has left his residence for the third time tonight. Upon arrival I searched the neighborhood for the juvenile. When the juvenile saw my patrol vehicle he attempted to flee on foot. He was later taken into custody and turned over to guardian. Juvenile intake was contacted, they denied officers detaining the juvenile. A juvenile complaint form was filed. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – McDaniel St. and Pinecrest – The vehicle was sitting in the middle of the roadway blacked out and when the vehicle observed me approaching it drove off. A traffic stop was conducted due to the suspicious activity, the driver was ID and Cpl. Robertson made contact with the male subject that the driver stated that she was waiting on and transported him to my location. Once the subjects were ID they were released.
  • Suspicious Person – McDaniel St. and Pinecrest – Officer stopped a suspicious vehicle that was sitting in the road blacked out until he approached the drove off, we were advised to be in the area looking for a subject that the subject stated that she was going to pick up. I located a male subject walking in the roadway, he was transported to the location I got out with him to the location of traffic stop location.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – North Broad St @ Golden Pantry; In reference to a vehicle almost hitting a vehicle on North Broad, then circling Graystone Parking lot before turning into Golden Pantry. Contact made with driver who was an Uber driver having navigation issues. No signs of impairment observed. All okay.
  • Threats – White Oak Drive; In reference to complainant’s neighbor’s dog on his property and the neighbor threatening him.
  • Domestic Dispute – Norris St; In reference to a female subject getting into a verbal altercation with her grandparents and destroying multiple windows in the house. She was transported to Piedmont Walton due to her having multiple lacerations on her arm. Warrants taken for Criminal Trespass (X2) and Cruelty to Children in the third degree.
  • Domestic Dispute – Robbie Ln- Male subject disputing with two parties about one living at the residence. Situation mediated, and remedies advised.
  • Missing Person – East Spring St @ Sherwin Williams; in reference to the complainant wanting to report their 17-year-old daughter missing. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – N Broad at Hwy 78- Caller advised subject in striped clothes wearing hospital band walking on edge of roadway. Female subject observed walking on side walk. She advised she was okay.
  • Dispute call – S Mad Ave; In reference to two parties having a dispute over property. Due to insufficient evidence and conflicting stories, no charges were taken, parties separated, and remedies advised. Report taken.
  • Loud Music – N. Madison – In reference to loud music coming from Will Henry’s. The owner was cited under City Ordinance sec. 42-31.
  • Warrant Attempt – Tanglewood Dr- Attempted to serve a warrant on location, negative contact.
  • Loud Music – Pine Park; N – In reference to loud music , contact was made with the homeowner. Music was turned down.
  • DUI/Reckless Driving/Arrest -Hwy 78W at Troy Smith Rd. In reference to a male subject clocked at 102 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Driver was arrested for DUI less safe, reckless driving. He was fingerprinted and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office jail without further incident. Report taken, vehicle towed by Taylor’s.
  • Traffic Stop / Fled on Foot – Magnolia St – Traffic stop was being conducted for no tail lights vehicle was failing to yield, when vehicle went into the field behind the old legion at the end of Magnolia three subjects fled on foot. The driver was apprehended on scene after a brief foot chase. The other two juveniles were apprehended later at 327 Towler Street. The juvenile driver was taken into custody for theft of motor vehicle, fleeing and attempting to elude, obstruction, no license, tail light violation, He was transported to Dekalb RYDC and the other two were released to the parents. Driver, and one passenger were released to parents, another passenger was a 12 year- old who is not the child of the lady he was living with. He stated that his mother started dating a guy from Stone Mountain and he is not welcome there, so DFACS was contacted to come take emergency custody of the juvenile.

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