MPD Reports: Parents charged for parental responsibility after teens out past curfew following warnings

The city of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 20 to 27, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Discharging Firearm – Davis and Pine Park. The complainant called due to a single gunshot. Advised of a short black male possibly drunk. The area was checked for the male no contact. It was discovered the shot was possibly fired at a residence on Davis St. Officers contacted each apartment to ensure all residents were ok. All residents stated they heard the shot but were ok.
  • Civil Issue – Female was released from Walton County and wanted to be escorted to Green Street to pick up property. She was released on bond conditions that she was not to return to the property. She was referred to Walton County Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit.
  • Dispute – Irving St. – The dispute was verbal and was not going on at arrival. The parties were inside the residence on arrival, all was okay.
  • Suspicious Person – Pine Cir. – In reference to a subject wearing a gray hoodie walking in the complainant’s yard. The area was checked with negative contact.
  • Block Party/Illegal Parking – Springer Lane, a large party with vehicles parked along the roadway, causing a traffic hazard and issue. Subjects were advised to park on the correct side of the road or move their vehicles to the laundry mat on E Church St.
  • EMS Assist – MLK BLVD; Zaxbys – The manager requested an officer to stand by while the building was secured due to him being transported to the hospital by ambulance.
  • Dispute – Tanglewood Dr. – Dispute between two women. Situation mediated.
  • Loud Music – Gatewood Dr.- Homeowners were advised of the noise ordinance, homeowners turned the music down.
  • Warrant Service – E Washington St. – In reference to locating a named male subject. He was located inside the residence and taken into custody without incident.
  • Med Assist – E Spring St – Subject having medical issues, turned over to Med unit for transport.
  • Enter Auto – Bridgeport Ln – Two Juveniles tried to enter an auto at 302 Bridgeport Ln; they were on Fambrough Way and did possibly enter a Dodge Charger. The trunk was open, and the driver’s door was not completely closed. The owner stated that it appeared that nothing was taken.
  • Assault – Davis St. – In reference to a dispute between two subjects. One was arrested and charged with Agg. Assault and Agg. Battery and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office without incident.
  • Verbal Dispute – Tanglewood Ln – Male and female were having a verbal dispute, the male was leaving on foot and the female followed in the vehicle, still arguing with the male. The male stated he was trying to leave. The male left walking, and the parties separated on their own.
  • 10-95 transport – Clayton County Jail – Female subject was transported from the Clayton County Jail to the Walton County Jail on an outstanding MPD warrant.
  • Disabled Vehicle – N Broad St @ 78 Exit ramp- In reference to the complainant running out of gas. The complainant was given a ride to the gas station to get gas in a gas can he had in his vehicle. Once at the gas station the complainant advised he did not have any money to get gas. Complainant was then given a ride back to his vehicle.
  • Dispute – Armstead Cir in reference to male and female arguing. Male was placed under arrest for Battery Family violence.
  • Shoplifting – W Spring St – In reference to two subjects stealing from Wal Mart. One remained on scene and was arrested and released on a copy of the citation. The other fled the scene and warrants were taken on him for shoplifting.
  • Dispute – Gliding Lane – In reference to the complainant requesting information on having her husband evicted. Remedies were advised. All ok.
  • Dispute – E Washington – In reference to the complainant stating her boyfriend struck her and was destroying her apartment. No physical marks seen on the complainant and no damage observed in the apartment. He had a warrant and before it was discovered left out of the backdoor while talking to the complainant out front. No probable cause to take additional warrants.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Blaine St in reference to subject wanted to go to Maple Place Townhomes to retrieve her belongings. Situation resolved.
  • Suspicious Person – East Church/Baron Drive – Complainant advised a white male changed clothes in the bathroom of the Chevron and took a bike from behind the building. Contact was made with the subject who stated he was hot so he wanted to put shorts on. All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Baron Drive – In reference to a male riding a 4 Wheeler in roadway. Contact was made and he was warned that if he is on the road again it will be towed.
  • Suspicious Person – Horizon Ct-The complainant stated that a male knocked on her door looking for someone who did not live at that residence. The complainant stated that his mannerisms seemed very odd. The male was gone upon officer arrival on scene in a white truck, Unknown make. Negative contact was made in the neighborhood.
  • Dispute – Maple St in reference to two females getting into a fight the previous night and she keeps posting things about her on social media.
  • Found Property – Bridgeport Place – In reference to a wallet found in the complainant’s yard. The owner of the wallet is confined in Walton County Jail. Wallet was turned over to jail staff.
  • Other law – E. Washington St- Caller stated that an unknown employee of an unknown medical transport company re-entered her home and grabbed paperwork before leaving.
  • Property damage – Ridge Rd. – In reference to someone throwing something at the complainant’s kitchen window, causing it to break, the complainant is blind, so he was unable to see any subjects.
  • Dispute – Hwy 78- In reference to a child custody dispute between two subjects. Remedies advised.
  • Disabled vehicle – S. Broad St/ Alcovy St.- In reference to a possible disabled vehicle at the light, area was checked with no contact.
  • Suspicious vehicle – E. Washington St./ S. Broad St.- In reference to a vehicle stopped in the roadway with reverse lights on, contact was made with the driver who recently moved to the area and was confused by his GPS. He was assisted with directions.
  • Suspicious Persons – W Spring St W Highland, two subjects were observed walking along the roadway wearing hoodies; subjects were identified and were out past curfew and had contraband. Both subjects were transported home, and contact was made with their mothers. Mothers were issued parental responsibility citations due to multiple past encounters with the juveniles and warnings/citations for parental responsibilities in the past.

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