MPD Reports: Report on potential entering auto turns out to be an insect on the camera

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 16 – 23, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Davis Street. Reference to two parties having a verbal dispute in the front yard in regards to ongoing issues. One party advised of the Temporary Protection Order and Warrant process 

Suspicious Vehicle – Alcovy & Ammons Bridge. Turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

Found Property – Felker St. reference a wallet being found on top of the mailbox at this location. The wallet belongs to a named person. Contact attempted at the listed address on ID. Negative contact. 

Dispute – Ridge Rd. Mother in a verbal dispute over having a girlfriend over they were advised how to handle. 

Entering Auto – McDaniel St. In reference to complainant stating they saw someone actively in and around their vehicle. Upon investigation, there was an insect on the camera. 

Other Law – Chestnut Lane. Reference to female caller requesting escort from her car to her residence. Complainant stated that she was scared her ex-boyfriend might be on location. Area searched. Negative contact with ex-boyfriend. Female escorted in house. 

Found Property – Horizon Ct. and Spring Pl. Ref to two bicycles found in the bushes at the Horizon Ct stop sign. Report completed in case of future incidents. Bikes left on location due to CID evidence directive. 

Theft report – E. Church St. Complainant advised he left his wallet on the counter while playing a slot machine. 

Missing Person – Sorrells St. in reference to a subject missing. Son concerned for his fathers’ wellbeing due to medical reasons. Report taken, GCIC entry form completed. 

Illegal parking – 6th St. Vehicle moved. All ok. 

Damage to property – Forrest Ln. Complainant stated her freon line had been cut twice to her AC. Report taken. 

Dispute – Forrest Ln. Parties were separated prior to arrival. Parties were advised of remedies. 

Other law – W. Spring St., Marathon. The subject wanted to retrieve items from a residence after being served with a TPO. He was advised of the civil process. 

Harassment – Baker St. Complainant had questions regarding eviction process. He was advised to contact the court division. 

Suspicious person – S. Madison Ave., Felker Park. Ref to a b/f walking in to traffic, she was given ride, all ok. 

Dispute – Deer Acres Inn. – In reference to a subject trespassing on the property of Jays Towing. The subject was gone when officers arrived. 

Dispute – E Fambrough. In reference to complainant’s boyfriend causing a scene. Two parties were in a verbal dispute over relationship issues. One left the residence on her behalf. 

Other law – S Madison Ave. WCSO. In reference to lost wallet. Complainant advised he lost his wallet between Dollar General and Trading Place. Complainant advised an employee at Trading Place advised him they gave his wallet to a law enforcement officer. Officer made contact with all working personnel on shift and they advised nobody has given them a wallet. Report taken. 

Harassment – Green St. Subject requesting information in reference to TPO process. Remedies advised, all ok. 

Loitering – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to a female who was discharged loitering in the lobby. The patient was transported back to her residence by WCSO at Miranda Dr. 

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