MPD Reports: Slew of disputes and alleged drug-related arrests

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 12 – 19, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into six parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Loitering – West Spring Street. Wife and her husband and child had a sign asking for food and money. They were informed of panhandling laws. 

Dispute – Great Oaks Dr – In reference to a dispute between parties at Cocina Fuentes restaurant. Two men were arrested and taken to jail for Obstruction, DOC, Obstruction (misd). Interference with Govt property and Terroristic Threats. 

Dispute – E Sprint St Two subjects intoxicated and verbally disputing. Parties separated. 

Dispute – Alcovy St Dispute between complainant and her neighbors disputing. Complainant was hostile and aggressive towards officers and refused to obey commands and attempted to escape arrest and run. She was taken to the ground and tased. She was charged with DOC and Obstruction x2. 

Dispute – Lacy St – Reference to two women disputing. During course of investigation, one became hostile and was tased. She was arrested and charged with Obstruction. 

Damage to Property – West Spring St., Car Wash. Ref to subject backing into a brick wall and damaging his rear bumper on his F150. 

Civil issue – South Broad St., MPD. Complainant wanted a report regarding child custody agreement not being followed. 

Suspicious vehicle – Holly Hill Rd. Ref to a trailer in the woods. The trailer was owned by a tree company. 

Suspicious Vehicle – East Spring St., Brown Oil. Ref to a tan Chevy truck driving reckless. Area was searched with negative contact 

Damage to Property – Rosewood Ln. Complainant reports her vehicle was struck last date, 

Follow Up – South Broad St., Hardee’s. Ref to a missing person. Supplemental added to original report 

Other Law -West Spring St., Haven Inn. In reference to subject requesting to get his items he left at the hotel. The hotel manager advised that subject didn’t have any items there. 

Suspicious vehicle – HW11NB and Wildwood Rd. Walton County Sheriff’s Office advised of speeding motorcycle with driver with burgundy jacket coming towards city. Area searched with negative contact. 

Suspicious person – Ridge at Skyline Trace Apartments. In reference to a subject punching grill of vehicle and running through complex with no shirt. He charged with Poss. of Meth and criminal trespass. 

Juvenile runaway -Bryant Rd. Ref to a 15-year-old missing since Tuesday. 

Juvenile Complaint – S. Broad St. Complainant advised a subject is harassing her family. Subject is a juvenile and resides in the county. She was advised of options and was referred to contact the Sheriffs’ office. 

Dispute – New Lacy St. In reference to yelling and screaming, caller disconnected. Mother and 11-yer-old daughter verbally arguing over ADHD medication. Parties were advised of remedies. 

Dispute – Green St In reference to the complainant’s father refusing to return property. Civil dispute between two parties. Remedies given. 

Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St. Farmers Home Furniture. Male subject was sitting in his vehicle (not running) at a closed business. Subject was identified and a probable cause search was conducted. After investigation, he was taken into custody for OCGA 16-8-7 Theft by receiving, OCGA 16-11-131 Possession of Firearms by a convicted felon, and active Warrants out of the WCSO. Warrants taken. A supplement report was added to the original case involving the stolen firearm. 

Traffic Stop – Charlotte Rowell Blvd at Double Springs Church Rd. Officer observed a vehicle traveling with a tail light not functioning. The driver was taken into custody for drug related objects and possession of schedule 1. 

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