MPD Reports: Suicidal woman threatens officers and is charged with assault on hospital staff; drug overdose treated with Narcan

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St- Buick Lesabre abandoned on location, after clearly being involved in a single vehicle accident. Complainant advised male left from location and never returned. Vehicle was impounded and removed from the location.
  • Dispute – Birch St.; In reference to male subject stating that when he returned from his walk, his girlfriend had damaged some of his property. Civil remedies advised.
  • Suicide Threat – Lacy St.; In reference to a female subject threatening Suicide, and threatening officers. She was tased and transported to Piedmont Walton for a 1013 evaluation.
  • Dispute – West Spring Street @ Piedmont Walton- Subject from suicide threat above who was transported to the hospital for a 10-13 evaluation assaulted nursing staff. She was restrained and charges have been taken.
  • Dispute – West Spring Street @ Waffle House- Two Waffle house employees disputing in the parking lot. Both employees got into a physical altercation with each other. Both employees were separated, neither wanted to press charges. Non prosecution waivers filled out by both. Parties separated.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Court St- Gray BMW SUV parked on Court St during farmer’s market hours. Contact was made with the owner who moved it. All okay.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Michael Cir.- In reference to a challenger speeding in the neighborhood, remedies advised.
  • Dispute – Gliding Ln – Mother called about her daughter not wanting to move out, daughter stated she was waiting to move and needed help moving stuff, situation mediated.
  • Missing Person – East Spring St.- Male subject left home at approx. 0700 hours, he was later found at Pannell Rd. He was picked up and taken home by his mother.
  • EMS Assist – Springer Lane- In reference to a female subject having a reaction due to a possible drug overdose. She was turned over to EMS and transported to Piedmont Walton.
  • Dispute – Spruce Ln- In reference to a dispute over a bush on the property line, situation mediated.
  • Damage to Property – South Madison Ave @ Fambrough Law Office; In reference to complainant reporting a vehicle striking the building overnight. Report taken.
  • Dispute – West 5th St.- A dispute between two female subjects. The one had not taken her mental health medication this date and was upset and throwing items. She took her medication prior to the officer’s departure.
  • EMS Assist – Pannell Road- Male subject was found lying on the side of the road dry heaving by a passing motorist. He was transported by EMS to Piedmont Walton.
  • Dispute – East Fambrough St- Shopkeeper got into a dispute with a customer regarding a $50 prop bill. Civil remedies advised.
  • Dispute – E Spring Street, LR burger- Patrons of the store got into a verbal argument. Parties separated. Remedies advised.
  • Threats – West Spring St. @ Peachtree Immediate Care- In reference to a male calling Peachtree Immediate care and threatening staff, report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Michael Etchison Rd @ Mcdaniel St.- Caller stated a male was walking down the road with a wrench and a beer, negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 78/Piedmont Parkway. Vehicle stopped for no insurance. The subject was placed under arrest for possession of Sch II and drugs to be kept in original container.
  • Dispute – Walmart – In reference to an employee being threatened by a customer with a firearm on 09- 29-23. Report Taken.
  • Suspicious Person – Glen Iris/Edwards St- Reference to a named subject riding a bicycle in the roadway illegally.
  • Damage to property – Sporty Ln; In reference to the complainant advising someone struck her vehicle under her right headlight. Damage to the vehicle was observed and a report was taken.
  • Suspicious person – Alcovy St at Oakland Ridge. In reference to a male subject walking along the roadway after being released from Ridgeview and detoxing from narcotics.
  • Welfare Check – Fairview Dr at Alcovy St. In reference to a passerby observing the above subject falling over and appearing to be unconscious. Two doses of NARCAN were administered and he became conscious and alert. He was turned over to EMS.
  • Loud music – S Madison Ave: Party was advised to lower volume of music.
  • Residential Alarm) 117 3rd Street- Homeowner activated her security alarm due to her hearing someone outside. Perimeter and interior of the residence were checked. All okay.
  • Damage to Property – E Spring; – Male subject reporting another subject damaged motel property. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring St @ Dollar Tree- Subject from overdose call above on location sleeping, he was informed that he could not stay due to the business being closed. He left the location.

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