MPD Reports: Suicide threats/attempts, subject arrested by GSP after fleeing then crashing in neighboring county

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 21 – 28, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suicide Threats – Southside; Female subject reported feeling suicidal. She was transported to Piedmont Walton by EMS due to a previous leg injury and being wheelchair bound.
  • Fraud – Pinnacle Bank. Male subject arrested for forgery in the third degree after attempting to cash a fraudulent check.
  • Property Damage – Harris Street in reference to a named subject claiming a pothole on Davis Street caused his window to shatter.
  • Fraud – Blaine St – In reference to a female subject having her identity stolen. Report taken.
  • Hit and Run -Davis/South Madison – Suspect was in a red pick up truck, No known make or model. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Pine Park St – In reference to a verbal dispute called in 3rd party. All was OK on location.
  • Stalking – Woody Dr – In reference to a female subject reporting she being stalked and harassed by a former employee. Report taken.
  • Hit and Run – Taco Bell – In reference to a Nissan passenger car striking the complainant’s vehicle in the parking lot. GEARS report completed.
  • Fight – S Madison Ave – Third party report of a fight, unknown amount of people. Contact made with residents who advised “mace” was sprayed by a male subject who was gone when officers arrived. Report taken.
  • Vehicle Pursuit) Hwy 78 E. / E. Spring Street on ramp -Male subject was stopped for obstructed tag and suspicion of DUI. He fled from law enforcement on Hwy 78 E, into Oconee County. Pursuit was terminated at Epps Bridge Pkwy and Hwy 316 when the began driving on the wrong side of the highway. GSP continued the pursuit until the subject was involved in a single vehicle crash. He was charged with several felonies as well as drug charges. GSP also took charges. Warrants taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle -Pine Ridge Villas: In reference to a SUV with an open tailgate. Contact was made with the owner who may have accidentally activated his key fob.
  • Unknown Law – Popeyes – Woman called in reference to a male subject not giving her car keys. Civil remedies advised.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring Waffle House: In reference to a Waffle House employee calling about a male possibly under the influence in his vehicle. Contact made. All ok on location.
  • Unknown Law – Truck Stop- In reference to a male and female arguing over car keys. Both subjects were given Disorderly Conduct citations.
  • Damage to Property) 600 Ridge Road. Parked vehicle hit by another car about 45 minutes prior to 911 call. Offender’s vehicle located and report taken.
  • Theft – E Spring Street in reference to two white male subjects ransacked the outside trailer and stole approximately $120.00 worth of item. Director of FISH asked for extra patrol at night.
  • Traffic Stop – Palmer Court. Male subject arrested for driving while license suspended and released on copy.
  • Director of FISH asked for extra foot patrol around the FISH store loading dock area located at 403 E Spring Street because of the increase of thefts. The thefts are happening between 0100 to 0300 hours.
  • Firearms – Mountain View Dr- In reference to the complainant hearing approximately 3 shots come from this residence. It was discovered that a named male subject fired 3 shots into the air and left the location. Warrants taken on him for reckless conduct.
  • Traffic Stop – Davis Street at Wall Street in reference to a traffic stop for a vehicle that did not stop at a stop sign. The driver was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license.
  • Threats – Applebee’s. Subject was at the Applebee’s in Loganville and lives in Walton County, Turned over to WCSO.
  • Suspicious Person – N Midland and Spring St – Contact made with the female subject who was on foot and got out of the vehicle. No crime occurred, it was a verbal dispute.
  • Civil Issue – S Hammond Dr: Complainant advised that a vehicle they purchased was “repossessed” from their residence in Covington overnight and brought back to Monroe. It was determined the complainant had not been making payments on the vehicle for several weeks. Civil remedies were advised.
  • Suspicious Person – Belle Meade Rd: Caller stated a male in a red shirt ran through yards, negative contact with male subject.
  • Traffic Stop – Glenwood Drive@Alcovy St: Female subject stopped for equipment and registration violation, the was operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license and was transported to MPD to be finger printed. Subject was booked and released on a copy of the citation.
  • Follow up – Mountain View Dr.- Possible wanted subject on location in regards to A Shifts firearms discharge, negative contact with subject.
  • Dispute – W 5th St: In reference to a dispute between subjects, subject was gone when officers arrived
  • Suicidal Threats – S Madison Ave@E Church: Male subject on location stating he ingested narcotics but did not want to harm himself. Turned over to EMS.
  • Fight – S. Madison Ave – In reference to two male subjects fighting. Negative contact.
  • Dispute – E Fambrough St: In reference to the complainants’ ex-husband not returning her necklace. Situation mediated before law enforcement arrived, all okay.

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