MPD Reports: Tires slashed in two separate incidents, shots fired by 16-year-old

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 16 – 23, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Magnolia Ter. In reference to subjects on a location that complainant wants to leave. Party was gone upon officer arrival. Complainant advised all was ok. 

Dispute violent – Tanglewood. In reference to shots fired at complainant’s juvenile. During the investigation, it was determined a 16-year-old shot into the air and took off running. One 9mm shell casing was recovered. 

Lost item – Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Checkers. In reference to lost wallet. 

Agency Assist – Haven Inn – Walton County Sheriff’s Office had the driver of a vehicle run from a traffic stop. Officers assisted with a perimeter until they decided they weren’t calling a K9 in. 

Dispute – Perry St. Multiple subjects involved in dispute in reference to a scooter. Multiple subjects on scene claiming ownership of the scooter but unable to provide documentation. In addition, multiple subjects claiming altercation became physical. Remedies advised. Report taken. 

Suspicious vehicle – Booth Dr at Sorrells St. Vehicle was broken down. Owner advised they contacted Taylor’s to remove the vehicle. 

Dispute – Perry St Complainant re-contacted to have officers come back out to residence. Remedies given. 

Assault – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Report completed by night shift several hours prior when subject denied medical treatment and had no visible signs of injury. 

Damage to Property – East Spring St., Dollar General. Ref to vehicle tire that was slashed. 

Entering auto – Carver Place. Ref to a Taurus G2S 9mm stolen from a vehicle overnight. Report taken. 

Damage to property – Magnolia Terr. Ref to two tires slashed on vehicle by ex-girlfriend. Report taken. 

Suspicious vehicle – Alcovy St. Ref to a purple van on location unoccupied. Vehicle was parked in the roadway in front of this residence. Vehicle removed by Taylor’s. 

Animal bite – Baker St., The Baker Group. Comp was advised of extended ETA for Walton County Animal Control on call employee, all ok. 

Unknown problem – Jessica Way. Ref to a 9-year-old boy asking to use a neighbor’s phone to call 911 for his mother. On arrival, it was a verbal only dispute and the second party was gone when officers arrived – all ok. 

Theft Report – South Broad St., Chevron. Ref to two b/m’s allegedly taking items from a white Z71 truck. They left in a black 4 door passenger car towards Atha St. Area searched with negative contact. After reviewing store video, no theft occurred. 

Shoplifting – West Spring St., Home Depot. Male left store with items and then left items in the parking lot and left, report taken. 

Shoplifting – West Spring St., Walmart. Female subject arrested for shoplifting items. Fingerprinted and released on citation. 

Other law – Stonecreek Ln. Elderly male locked out of his residence. All ok. 

Dispute – East Church St. Two subjects disputing over items left in vehicle and damage to vehicle. 

Dispute – Chestnut Ln. Ref to couple arguing. Parties were advised of remedies and separated. 

Shoplifting – West Spring St., Walmart. A male subject was arrested for shoplifting. He was released on a copy of the citation. 

Dispute – Morrow St. “Phase 2” put the call at Morrow St. Homeowner is a female that lives alone and was unfamiliar with the call or the couple disputing, all ok. 

Dispute – S Broad St. In reference to juveniles harassing complainant. Complainant and her husband advised that juveniles were throwing sticks at them, as well as in their yard. Complainant and husband attempted to talk to parents of juveniles and a verbal alteration occurred. Advised complainant and husband to video record any future incidents they may have and to contact police to alleviate any further confrontation with the parents of the juveniles or juveniles. 

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