MPD Reports: Vehicle towed from Hwy.78 after being hit by wood thrown from Marble St. bridge

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 25, 2020 – July 2, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Fire – Harris St & E. Church – Power Pole smoking, Road shut down and then reopen after Monroe utilities fixed the issue. 

Agency Assist – Tall Oaks and Springer Ln – in reference to helping Walton County Sheriff’s Office with a 911 call with caller whispering on the line; negative contact at both locations. 

Firearms – Ridge Road. Fireworks being shot on location. All OK. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Golden Pantry; Subjects had a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. No subjects were charged. All subjects released without incident. 

Assault – Ridgeview Hospital – In reference to the complainant stating that his wife, who is a patient there, was physical assaulted by another patient and has not been treated yet. 

Damage to Property – Hwy 78 & Marable St. Bridge. In reference to someone throwing a large piece of tree/wood at complainant’s car while he was traveling on Hwy 78 West. No injuries. Vehicle towed from roadway. Report taken. 

Threats – Piedmont Walton. Subject on location threatening ER staff. ER staff advised subject calmed prior to officer arrival. They were advised to call if there were any further issues. 

Disturbing the Peace – Gatewood. Large party on location. Spoke with the homeowner and they advised they would keep it down. 

Suspicious Person – Walker Dr. Subject wandering along the roadway being boisterous and intoxicated. 

Traffic Offense – E. Church & S. Madison. – Vehicle ran stop sign at S. Madison and Davis St. Final stop at S. Hammond and E. Church. Driver had warrants out of Winder for probation violation. 

Ems Assist – E. Spring St. (Monroe Motor Inn) in reference to a male thinking his sleeping girlfriend was deceased. All okay, Turned over to EMS. 

Found Property – Hwy 78 E. at (Waffle House) in reference to employees on location. A wallet in the women’s restroom. Owner of wallet was located and her wallet returned. Owner advised nothing was missing from the wallet. 

Mental Patient – W. Spring Street (Piedmont Walton) in reference to a subject acting irate against staff 

Dispute – Lacy St. in reference to two subjects disputing over clothing. Complainant was gone when office arrived. 

Agency Assist – Tangle Wood Dr. in reference to Oglethorpe County wanted a Officer to go to the residence to see if they own a Dodge Charger. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Southview Drive. Contact with vehicle stationary at residence. No violation. All okay. 

Other Law – Davis St. In reference to a male subject being chased into Port-a-Potty by three pitbulls. Dogs chased off. Male subject ok. 

Warrant – Davis St. In reference to transporting subject to WCSO after he was arrested on warrants by officers. 

Shoplifting – Walmart – In reference to a shoplifter skip scanning. She was given a citation and Criminal trespassed from Walmart 

EMS Assist – S. Madison Ave. – EMS requested assistance with a male subject throwing up. Male subject refused treatment. 

Dispute – Harris St – Two woman arguing in street, used sticks to hit one another, did not want to press charges. 

Fight – Booth Dr. in reference to a fight between two females at a family BBQ. Parties were separated. No charges were taken for the fight as victim declined. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Glen Iris Dr. Vehicle parked partially in the roadway and on the sidewalk. Unable to contact registered owner. Vehicle removed from roadway by Taylors. 

Suspicious person – Gliding Ln – in reference to complainant stating that someone jumped his fence and rattled his doorknob to the back door. Area checked and all ok caller has mental health issues. 

Traffic Stop – Felker St. and Washington St. in Reference to a Gold Honda Accord stopped for failure to maintain lane. During an investigation based on odor of marijuana, subject fled on foot. An amount of marijuana and items consistent with distribution located during probable cause search. Suspect identified and warrants taken. 

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