MPD Reports: Vehicle stolen out of Gwinnett identified via Flock camera; DUI suspect arrested after hitting fixed object during traffic stop

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 19 – 26, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Prowler – Booth Dr – In reference to an unknown subject attempting to enter the rear of a residence. Officers made contact with the complainant and searched the area with negative contact. Report taken.
  • Stolen Vehicle/Felony Stop) Hwy 78 WB/Youth Monroe Rd. – In reference to a Flock hit on tag #CIN8858 (Black Honda Accord) being stolen out of Gwinnett Co. The driver was arrested for theft warrant as well as MPD charges of possession schedule II, possession of schedule IV x 2, drug related objects, drugs to be kept in original container, felony tampering with evidence, crossing the guard line.
  • Suspicious Person – Felker Park – Male in the park after hours. He was advised of park hours and sent on his way.
  • Loud Music – S Broad St: Loud music coming from a residence. Subjects stated they would turn the music down.
  • Traffic Stop/DUI/Drugs – Alcovy Street. Officer attempted a traffic stop which lead to the driver driving into a fixed object causing damage. He was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and possession of schedule 1.
  • Prowler – Davis Street, female complainant called referencing a named male subject trying to enter her window. He was located on Davis Street. Show up by the complainant was conducted and he was identified. He also had a warrant for his arrest through Walton County. Warrant was confirmed. He was charged with loitering, criminal attempt as well as his outstanding warrant.
  • Drugs – Piedmont Walton – ER staff located narcotics on a 1013 patient. Narcotics placed into evidence and forwarded to CID.
  • Dispute – Cook Pl. – Attempted to locate the dispute, the area was very quiet. Knocked on the door of Cook Pl., negative contact. Units went back in service.
  • Suspicious Person – E Spring Street in reference to a named subject was on location asking people for money. He was Criminal Trespassed from the location for two years.
  • Suspicious Person – Green St. – Verbal dispute between the complainant and a male subject who was intoxicated. Advised to go inside, parties separated.
  • Suspicious Person – Valero E Spring Street in reference to a female subject was on location and was asked to leave multiple times. She was criminally trespassed from the location for life.
  • Hit and Run – S Broad St and Walker St – In reference to a hit and run. Report taken.
  • Dispute/Other Law – Plaza Drive – Call came out as a possible domestic. After speaking with the complainant it was kids outside playing talking about a toy nerf gun. All is good on scene.
  • Suspicious Person – Murphy Express 2040 W. Spring St. – Female subject was criminally trespassed from Murphy USA indefinitely due to her disorderly conduct while inside the establishment using their microwave.
  • Juvenile Problem – Holly Hill Road – In reference to Juveniles driving recklessly on a golf cart. Contact was made with the juveniles and no recklessness was observed.
  • Threats – E. Church St. Male subject reported receiving a call from a housemate that was not home threatening him. Other party was unable to be reached and he was advised to call when she returned if there was an issue.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Arnold Point – In reference to a Red Dodge truck with the driver’s door open and no occupant. The owner was located and the vehicle secured. All ok on location.
  • Area Check -Georgia Sand & Stone – In reference to a homeowner seeing lights on and stating no one should be working at this hour. Area was checked. All okay.
  • Dispute – MLK BLVD; Applebees – In reference to an employee on location disputing with co-workers. Situation was mediated, and he was sent on his way. All ok.
  • Vehicle in Roadway – Birch St – In reference to a vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway with hazards on. The driver stated she was worried about hitting the deer on the side of the road. All ok on location.
  • Suspicious Person – S Madison Ave / Towler St. – Names subject cited for disorderly conduct
  • Dispute – Perry St – In reference to two juveniles arguing. Parties were advised of remedies to their situation. All ok on location.
  • Firearms – Lacy St – In reference to an anonymous complainant advising they heard approximately 6 gunshots in the area. An area check was conducted, all appeared ok.
  • Dispute – Cook Pl – In reference to a female subject advising a male subject subject was on location and requesting the police. The call was rapid SOS to the area of Cook Pl, Officer’s went door to door in an attempt to locate the complainant, with negative contact. Dispatch advised that they were able to get the complainant back on the phone, who advised she was on Hwy 138 en-route to Conyers. Several attempts were made to contact the complainant via cell phone with negative contact. Everything on location was ok.
  • Harassment – South Broad St.- Male subject called in reference to harassing texts, remedies advised.

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