New SR 124 / US 78 intersection ‘open and running smoothly’ officials say

There has been much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over what was going to happen on July 31 when the new displaced left-turn intersection at State Route 124 onto US 78 became fully operational. This is only the second such intersection built in Georgia, so it is understandable that there was some concern. However, commuters passing through Snellville at this intersection now have the first pass under their belts and according to officials, it was smooth sailing.

Bridge at new displaced left-turn intersection at US 78 and SR 124 in Snellville. Photo credit: Brian Arrington
The placing of the letters on the tower of the signature signal bridge did, however, prompt some discussion on whether the word “Snellville” should have been written horizontally or vertically. But designers worldwide can’t even settle on which way works best or even whether letters on a vertical text sign should read from top to bottom or the other way around. Based on discussions on social media, it seems that no matter which way it was done, some would be happy and others would not.
Signal signage at the displaced left-turn intersection at US 78 and SR 124 in the City of Snellville. Photo credit: Brian Arrington
The project implements improvements to Henry Clower Boulevard, along with constructing displaced left turns from SR 10/ US 78 onto SR 124. It also added south right-turn lanes from SR 124 on to SR 10/US 78.  For northbound drivers, no right or left turns will be permitted onto SR 10/US 78 from State Route 124. Northbound traffic wanting to turn right on SR 10/US 78 toward Loganville or left toward Stone Mountain will use Henry Clower Boulevard and southbound traffic on SR 124 headed toward I-20 t right towards I-20 will enter dedicated right-turn lanes. Southbound through traffic and left turns are much the same.
Traffic began using the new displaced left-turn intersection at US 78 and SR 124 in Snellville on July 31, 2019. Photo credit: Brian Arrington

This has long been a bone of contention for traffic passing through Snellville with many commuters taking alternative routes to avoid using the intersection, particularly during the year of construction. Now that it is open and moving traffic smoothly, according to officials, maybe that will change and new traffic patterns will emerge pulling some traffic off the side roads.

“Come to Snellville and try it out for yourself,” Arrington said of the now open intersection.

To watch a video simulation of the new traffic pattern works, click or tap on the image below.

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