News You Can Use: A little help for new parent-teachers from W.H. Stanton Memorial Library

Amy Hicks, library manager from W.H. Stanton Memorial Library in Social Circle, is offering a little help for the community. She is sharing Storytime from the Library, as well as an educational video from the Georgia Aquarium.

So if you need a break from your newly acquired career as a parent-teacher, and you just want some time for that much-needed coffee break, here is a little help courtesy of W.H. Stanton Memorial Library in Social Circle and the Georgia Aquarium. I wonder how its marine life is doing at the Georgia Aquarium in this new reality. Do you think they miss seeing all the little faces pressed up against the glass?

So sit the little ones down in front of your computer or phone, and get that coffee maker going.

Click or tap on the images above or on this link to go to the W H Stanton Memorial Library Facebook Page to find any future live videos courtesy of Amy Hicks.

And don’t forget to support the W.H. Stanton Library and the Georgia Aquarium whenever and however you can.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

 Local business owners are the people who support our local charities and our local youth activities. They are the backbone of our local economy. If you can support a local business in this difficult time, it will help our entire community.


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