Officials give a development and construction update for the City of Loganville

City officials recently gave an update on all the construction and development going on around the City of Loganville. At the TRIAD meeting on Friday, Planning and Development Board chairperson Janice Tribble noted the new restaurants that are headed to Loganville and some of the other construction going on around town.

At Monday’s City Council work session, Councilman Skip Baliles expanded on the construction details. One of the sites that has generated much interest from the community has been the land clearing on Highway 78 from the property adjacent to the front of Loganville High School to Fins, Furs and Feathers Taxidermy. According to officials, the property has been purchased by a man from Monroe, no name given at this time, and it is being cleared for the timber. No permit applications have been submitted to the City for any rezoning or construction at this time.

Property being cleared alongside Highway 78 in Loganville. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

However, Baliles said permitting for other locations is definitely on the increase and it really began in earnest last year.

“It was a banner year in 2016 with 509 permits being issued, 149 for private residences,” Baliles said, adding that compared to just 14 residential building permits being issued in 2012. “In 2017, just for the first seven months, it is 112, so I suspect it will go up to about 175 (for the year).”

On the other side of the road, the clearing next to Loganville Ford is for an addition to the company to offer a quick lube express and off Highway 81 at 301 Horizon Trace, the Logan Point, (formerly Walton Pond) pool house is ready to permit.

“There are already 36 homes now built in there and I’m sure there will now be more,” Baliles said. He added that down the road a little, Kroger will be adding another line of fuel lanes.

Other development includes:

  • Panera Bread and Hobby Lobby at 185 and 195 Athens Highway – both projects ready to permit.
  • Panda Express at 205 Athens Highway – 1st submittal under review
  • Trinity Prep Phase II – building ready to permit and development waiting on 3rd submittal
  • Store Smart 2-story climate controlled storage facility at 3900 Oak Grove – 2nd building submittal under review.
  • The construction at the old Chevron at 4685 Atlanta Highway is still on hold pending new plans. The building was permitted for a remodel but was demolished in error by the contractor.
  • Nail Gallery at 3939 Atlanta Highway is ready to permit
  • Reddy Urgent Care at 4072 is waiting on a 5th submittal. The council will vote on Thursday’s Consent Agenda which has an item on allowing its utility department to do some work to allow for the decel line to be moved back. Reddy Urgent Care will reimburse the city for the cost incurred.
  • Starbucks is undergoing a renovation at 4270 Atlanta Highway, Ste 107
  • Blue Dahlia Salon at 4384 Lawrenceville Road is ready to permit
  • Zero Mosquito at 4569 Lawrenceville Road has a 1st submittal under review

Baliles noted that Duke’s Market and Nursery at 4640 Lawrenceville Road had delayed opening due to the owner’s mother being very ill. He had posted a sign to that effect. However, the sign now reads that “heaven has gained another angel” and thanks the community for its prayers. Baliles said it is likely that Duke’s will open once the owner has taken care of everything necessary following the passing of his mother.

City Manager Danny Roberts said the construction at the bridge on Lee Byrd Road has hit rock and effectively halted the project.

“We are going to have to end up raising the road so they will be redesigning that,” Roberts said. “Hopefully that will have the road back open.”



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