Participants sought for ‘Deployable Citizens Emergency Response Team’

The Walton County Citizen Corps Council (WCCCC) in conjunction with the Walton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is sponsoring and is currently developing a “Deployable CERT Program.” This program would provide a team(s) of advanced trained and dedicated individuals, supplied with necessary special equipment, to deploy by direction of the Director Emergency Management to be used for assistance in emergency situations. 
This team(s) may also support other County, City or Community needs. Typical missions, in addition to response to actual emergency events, may include; assistance with standing-up the EOC,  assistance with establishing Points of Distribution and Dispensing, assistance with Sheltering Operations and others as identified in the Deployable CERT Program Plan. 
Participation in the Deployable CERT Program is a serious commitment, but it would also provide a means for qualified CERTS to use existing skills, to gain additional skills and experience and to serve their community in a very fulfilling and meaningful way.
Initially, this commitment will require much front-end training and may involve 5 to 10 hours per month. CERT members willing to make the COMMITMENT to additional training, operational readiness and potential deployment in emergency situations, please contact the WCCCC CERT Coordinator, Mr. Brad Stanley or the WCCCC Secretary, Mr. Tom Giglio @ or Tom Arney @

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